Practical Arts Classes

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Mondays, September 16th

6:30-9:30pm (10-weeks)

INSTRUCTOR: Charlie Thornburgh (Limit 15)

R $92; NR $96; GC $88

"Build projects at your own pace with instructors' assistance as desired. You select projects and purchase materials prior to the second class. This course is an introduction to an enjoyable hobby and life skill, however, working wood is inherently dangerous. Using hand and power tools improperly or ignoring safety practices can lead to injury. All registrants must participate in the safety demonstrations given the first night; no exceptions. Participation in the class constitutes a liability waiver."



Tuesdays, September 17th

7:00-9:00pm (7-weeks)

INSTRUCTOR: Mike Feligno

R $87; NR $92; GC $82

If you’re interested in learning or own a property and want to be able to maintain it then this course will be very beneficial. You won't be disappointed. All you need to bring is some writing material and your enthusiasm. We ask that you think about what you would like to learn and write those concerns down. It’s my job to make you feel at home and comfortable in asking any questions. Every question is important. I judge my performance on how engaged people are with this course. There is a huge amount of straightforward jobs that can be done around the home. I am here to show you how to do them. Whatever areas or concerns you want me to discuss, I will be more than happy to do that. You will be able to tackle the vast majority of plumbing issues the average person is confronted with. Finally, you will know what to do in a leak emergency and how to add on that needed addition bathroom. This class should also help with basic preventive maintenance on Aerators, Clothes Washers, Dishwashers, Pressure Regulators, Showerheads, Toilets: Tune-up kits, Types of toilets, Toilet parts, Toilet troubleshooting, Water Heaters, and Water Softeners/Water Treatment Units. Cost includes supplies needed.