Technology Classes

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Tuesdays, January 19th

7:00-9:00 pm (5-weeks)                                             

INSTRUCTOR: Victor Blandburg                                                                                

R $45; NR $50; GC $40

DSLR: Are you ready to take you camera off auto? Topics include F stop, ISO, Shutter speed, composition, stop motion, proper exposure, and three point lighting. Course includes weekly assignments with review. Software and photo editing are also covered. Bring your DSLR and a few photos to first class for review.  



Thursdays, February 25th     

7:00-9:00 pm (4-weeks)                                             

INSTRUCTOR: Victor Blandburg                                                                                

R $36; NR $42; GC $30

Now that you have your DSLR camera off auto, what’s next? In this class we will build on what we learned by exploring more detail on photography basics: composition, perspective, stop motion, filters (Black and White), focal length and external flash photography and a bit of studio lighting for products.


No. 107 Interconnectedness Through Social Media (HS RM C314 & Zoom Online)

Mondays, January 18th            

6:15-7:45 pm (6 -Weeks)

INSTRUCTOR: Jessica McElroy

R $45; NR $48; GC $42  

***Please Note: The first class will be held in person and the remaining classes will be held virtually. Are you concerned about staying connected with loved ones during the midst of a pandemic? Are you curious about why your children are so attracted to social media, and you’d like to connect with them on this topic? Are you interested in how social media and virtual meetings can be used creatively for family gathering or promoting your business? This course will go through the basics of popular social media platforms and online video conferencing. Each week, we will explore a new program and allow for questions focused on your specific needs. If you have further interest in learning about Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, sign up for this course as a chance to remain connected in what sometimes feels to be a disconnected time. 


No. 401 i-PHONE/ iPAD (Zoom Online)

Thursdays, January 21st

6:00-8:00 pm (4-weeks)                                      

INSTRUCTOR: Elizabeth Smith                                                 

R $50; NR $55; GC $45

Become familiar with the basic functions usage of the iPhone, and also explore some useful and easy-to-learn functions that are slightly beyond the basics.  We will explore some popular apps, including some apps that are “must-haves” for quick reference and life hacks.  We will also explore apps within specialized themes such as shopping, social media, games, music, photos, video, news, travel, finance, and more!  Though the course will focus primarily on the iPhone, you can learn a lot about your iPad as well.  Most apps and techniques apply to both, and we can spend some time focusing specifically on the iPad device as needed.  Bring your devices so you can practice while we learn, and I will address individual questions as well.  Please note that this course applies only to Apple devices (iPhone/iPad) NOT Android devices. *Participants will get a Zoom link just before the first class that they can use to log into the first class.  No prior experience with Zoom is necessary.