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No. 213 Art and Politics: What happened Between the Wars (Zoom Online)

Thursdays, January 6th (4-weeks)

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Instructor: Cynthia Weisfiled

R $40; NR; $45; GC $35

Art is usually analyzed by formalistic considerations such as line, shape and color. This course will augment that trope by examining art as a socio-political phenomenon reflective of a time, place and society, a concept that will be made clear by a study of representative objects throughout history.  What follows will be a deep look at how art was used as a defining mechanism by dictators to mold and manipulate their respective populations between the wars in Italy, Russia, and Germany. This is a very rapid paced course covering an extremely wide and varied range of material.  Participants will be sent the Zoom link a day or two before the class begins so don’t forget to include your email on your registration.  No prior experience is needed with Zoom. 


No. 301 Mindfulness in Daily Living: What, Why, How (Zoom Online) 

DATE: Wednesdays, January 19

7:30-8:30pm (1 session)

INSTRUCTOR: Laura Greco, RN, certified wellness coach

R $12; NR; $15; GC $10

Mindfulness is packed with health benefits (reduces stress, anxiety, and blood pressure; improves your mood, blood sugar, focus, and immune system). This one session class will highlight practical yet simple ways to weave mindfulness into your day.


No.305 Deciphering Product Labels (Zoom Online) 

DATE: Wednesdays, February 2

7:30-8:30pm (1 session)

INSTRUCTOR: Laura Greco, RN, certified wellness coach

R $12; NR; $15; GC $10

Product labels are confusing. Manufacturers use specific words to create specific images in our minds. What does farm fresh mean? Should I pay more for cage free eggs? Is all natural healthier? Are green products safer and non-toxic? We will discuss common and misleading food and home product terminology so that you fee more confident knowing what you are buying.


No.306 Relaxation exercises for anxiety, sleep, mood, and stress made simple (Zoom Online) 

DATE: Wednesdays, March 2 

7:30-8:30pm (1 session)

INSTRUCTOR: Laura Greco, RN, certified wellness coach

R $12; NR; $15; GC $10

Learn several simple techniques you can use to boost your mood, feel more calm, fall asleep more easily, and quiet anxiety in this 1 session class.


No. 204 Ready or Not? (Zoom Online) 

DATE: Tuesday, January 18th 

6:30-8:00 pm (1-night)


R $15; NR; $18; GC $12

Life is full of surprises. A job loss, prolonged illness or unexpected loss of a family member can have a big impact on your family and your financial situation. Join us for Ready or Not? Preparing for the Unexpected to discover how to put yourself in a better position to keep your financial strategy from veering off course. In this class, you’ll learn: Risks you may not be aware of; Strategies or tools for addressing those risks; Life changes that may require you to review your strategy.  Though you can’t predict the unexpected, you can prepare for it. During this presentation we’ll show you how. Participants will receive an email with a Zoom link attached.  You will just click the link to access the class on Tuesdays beginning January 18th.  No prior Zoom experience is necessary.



DATE: Mondays, January 17th

6:30-8:00 pm (4-weeks)


R $28; NR; $30; GC $26

This workshop will help participants understand how to work their plan for retirement. We will examine how to budget for retirement expenses, potential sources of retirement income and possible risks such as long term care and health care costs. We will discuss the considerations/ trade offs when developing a withdrawal strategy‑ working longer, spending less and delaying social security. This course is perfect for those investors who are approaching retirement or who have just recently retired.  Participants will receive an email with a Zoom link attached.  You will just click the link to access the class on Mondays beginning January 17th.  No prior Zoom experience is necessary.


No. 308 Secrets of Happiness   (Zoom Online)

Wednesday, February  2          

7:00pm-9:00pm (5 sessions)

INSTRUCTOR: Jesse Wicher

R $125; NR $130; GC $120 

Learn to believe in the happiness you want for your life, all over again! Over the course

of five weeks, you will be guided on a joyous journey of self-discovery. Through the

practice of time-honored techniques, you will experience your life-transforming power to

choose happiness in any situation, reconnect with the spontaneity and wisdom of your

inner-child, overcome limiting fears, release attachment to outcomes, and to cultivate a

lifestyle that honors and supports your personal truth. Come learn how to give yourself

permission to be happy and begin filling each moment with freedom, creativity and joy!


No.309 Meditation for Relaxation and Personal Healing (Zoom Online)

Wednesday, February 3           

7:00pm-9:00pm (5 sessions)


R $125; NR $130; GC $120  

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety or sleeplessness-- or even high blood-pressure or

hypertension? Does your mind never stop going? Meditation can help! Meditation is a

simple, easy to learn practice that involves focusing your thoughts and your breathing to

help you relax into the present moment. Studies show that regular meditation can help

promote increased mental clarity and emotional balance, reduce the physical effects of

stress, and create a greater sense of well-being. In this interactive course, you will learn

the empowering concepts and techniques for successful personal meditation and will find

support in crafting your own meditation regimen. Come experience for yourself the

abundance of inner peace, personal health and spiritual connection that come from



No. 310 Practical Compassion (Zoom Online)

Wednesday, March 9         

7:00pm-9:00pm (5 sessions)


R $125; NR $130; GC $120  

Each of us is seeking the goodness we need for our lives in the best way we know how.

The fact that none of us does this perfectly, and that nobody truly wants to suffer, can

help us to have greater understanding and compassion through the sometimes painful

lessons of life. In this five-week course, you will learn to apply the universal principals of

compassion to bring more acceptance, forgiveness and wisdom to your relationships with

yourself, others and the world. This class will give you the practical tools you need to

create sustainable personal boundaries to help you live and love more open-heartedly in

your life. So come learn to expand beyond the barriers that separate us and become the

healing change you wish to see in your world!


No. 110 Emotional Release for Inner Peace (Zoom Online)

Monday, January 31       

6:30pm-9:00pm (1 sessions)


R $35; NR $40; GC $30

Inner peace is impossible to maintain while we still hold on to the very feelings and

beliefs that keep us from being peaceful to begin with. Trapped negative emotions like

fear, anger and sorrow can disrupt the flow of vital energy in our bodies and actually

sabotage our inner peace. In this single evening course, you will learn simple yet

effective techniques for getting in touch with, understanding, accepting and releasing the

emotions that keep us from ourselves. Nobody wants to suffer. Come learn to rest in the

peaceful state of loving acceptance that is our true nature.


No. 402 i-PHONE/ iPAD (Zoom Online)

Thursdays, January 20th 

6:00-8:00 pm (4-weeks)                                      

INSTRUCTOR: TBD                                                

R $50; NR $55; GC $45

Become familiar with the basic functions usage of the iPhone, and also explore some useful and easy-to-learn functions that are slightly beyond the basics.  We will explore some popular apps, including some apps that are “must-haves” for quick reference and life hacks.  We will also explore apps within specialized themes such as shopping, social media, games, music, photos, video, news, travel, finance, and more!  Though the course will focus primarily on the iPhone, you can learn a lot about your iPad as well.  Most apps and techniques apply to both, and we can spend some time focusing specifically on the iPad device as needed.  Bring your devices so you can practice while we learn, and I will address individual questions as well.  Please note that this course applies only to Apple devices (iPhone/iPad) NOT Android devices. *Participants will get a Zoom link just before the first class that they can use to log into the first class.  No prior experience with Zoom is necessary.