LEBO University

LEBO University classes are designed to provide timely information and resources to support our families, and positively contribute to the academic and social- emotional success of our students. -Dr. Timothy Steinhauer, Superintendent

LEBO University 2023

  • 40-minute classes on important and relevant topics impacting our students
  • Our presenters are knowledge experts in their field
  • Classes are free, open to the community
    • Tailored to an adult audience

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Class Descriptions

Mindful Parenting: What can I do to assist my child in developing successful strategies for learning and living?

Dr. Steinhauer, MTL Superintendent of Schools, will share and teach simple yet effective mindfulness tools and strategies. Understanding and employing these tools and strategies can assist you and your children(s) with focus, stress, anxiety, self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-control.

Creating a Connected Community: Navigating grief and supporting families through life’s challenges.

Denija DuCasse, from the Highmark Caring Place  The death of a loved one is devastating to a child and family. The impact can be overwhelming and the children and family often need support. Learn more about the Highmark Caring Place and how they provide that support through their various programs.

MakerSpace Matters: Understanding why making matters and how its role is redefining, rethinking, and reimagining elementary teaching & learning.

Dr. Ginny Chambers and Dr. Kamryn York from Point Park University  Our elementary Matt’s Makerspaces are designed to build strength in STEM subjects. They have been important places to develop critical skills and competencies.  Learn more about how the maker process engages students and supports academic and social learning.

Parenting Strategies to Support your Child's Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Christina Sauers from Wellness Warriors, LLC recognizes that parenting is one of the most important yet challenging jobs that exists and will help parents learn specific tools and skills to support the emotional health of their children and adolescents.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Mt. Lebanon Police Department will discuss and display warning signs of potential drug use, trends, and what to look for in the home.

Staying Safe Online and Navigating the Internet - UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

Rick DiBello and Christina Indick Senior Forensic Interviewers from UPMC Children's Hospital Child Advocacy Center will share information about how to keep your children safe online.  Discussion will include internet safety, bullying & cyberbullying and sexting/sextortion.  

Healthy Minds: Supporting Children with Anxiety

Sarah Hazlett, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Sarah will describe how using the SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions) program treats children’s anxiety by only working with parents. The treatment focuses on the one person you can change–yourself.  SPACE empowers parents to support their child’s ability to manage uncomfortable feelings and become resilient, independent humans.

Cultivating Resilience & Emotional Agility

Marcia Warren, LCSW & Nicci Giehll, Ed.D “Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life.” -Dr. Susan David, Harvard Medical School psychologist and author of Emotional Agility. Resilience is the process and outcome of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences, especially through mental, emotional, and behavioral flexibility and adjustment to external and internal demands.  Learn how to cultivate the skills to develop resilience and emotional agility in yourself and your children.

Having Conversations about Race with Children

Caitlin Forbes Spear, Ph.D., Director of Literacy and Learning in the Office of Child Development, the University of Pittsburgh and Jocelyn Artinger, Principal of Markham Elementary School discuss children being never too young to learn about race. In this session, we will explore how to talk about race and racial justice-related topics in age-appropriate ways. We will read a book, explore ideas,  and share resources and ideas to build on as we continue these important conversations at home.


Mike Hladio, K-12 Technology Coordinator for Mt. Lebanon School District, will share some of the basics of Schoology navigation, district expectations and goals, and resources to help you and your student to get the most out of our new learning management system. 

Social Citizenship: Parenting Considerations in the Age of Social Media

A positive approach for helping your child navigate the digital landscape. Parents are an important part of helping children learn to recognize the difference between the positive and negative uses of social media. District Technology Director, Chris Stengel, will explore strategies to look beyond attention-grabbing headlines and form a social media plan that is right for your family.