The Mt. Lebanon School District is a walking school district. Student safe walking awareness is reviewed annually with the assistance of the Mt. Lebanon Police Department (MLPD). In addition to reinforcing safe walking rules with students at the beginning of the school year, the MLPD has established Safe Walking Routes for each elementary school. Please review these routes with your child throughout the school year.

The District’s Transportation for Exceptional Children contract is currently held by W. L. Roenigk, Inc. and runs through the end of the 2023-2024 school year.  Transportation is provided as follows.

  • Students requiring transportation as identified in their IEP
  • Students requiring transportation intradistrict through a GIEP
  • McKinney-Vento students
  • Those students in foster care
  • Students attending Parkway West Vo-Tech

Transportation is also provided for the Athletic Department, Fine Arts Department, and all District-Wide field trips.

Information for Parents

If you have a concern regarding transportation that you would like to share with the District, please click on the below Transportation Concern Form.

Transportation Concern Form