Crossing Guard Locations

You can anticipate that there will be crossing guards staffed at the following intersections during arrival and dismissal times for elementary schools.  This list is subject to change at any time:

Vermont Ave. @ School
Vermont Ave. @ Woodland Ave.
Vermont Ave. @ Hoodridge Dr.
Larchdale Dr. @ Arrowood Dr.
Robb Hollow Rd. @ School
Robb Hollow Rd. @ Sylvandell Dr.
Larchdale Dr. @ Firwood Dr.
Bower Hill Rd. @ Firwood Dr.
Broadmoor Ave. @ Crystal Dr.
Broadmoor Ave. @ Anawanda Ave.
Broadmoor Ave. @ Audubon Ave.
Sleepy Hollow Rd. @ Country Club Dr.
Broadmoor Ave. @ Sunset Dr.
Bower Hill Rd. @ Moffett St.
Scrubgrass Rd. @ Elm Spring Rd.
Ruth St. @ Linda Lane
Bower Hill Rd. @ Lakemont Dr.
Beverly Rd. @ Cochran Rd.
Cedar Blvd. @ Salem Dr.
Bower Hill Rd. @ Cochran Rd.
Bower Hill Rd. @ Ralston Place
N. Meadowcroft Ave. @ Edward Ave.
Beverly Rd. @ N. Meadowcroft Ave.
Beverly Rd. @ Overlook Dr.
Beverly Rd. @ Ralston Place
Arden Rd. @ Overlook Dr.
Crescent Dr. @ School
Beadling Rd. @ Crescent Dr.
Inglewood Dr. @ Crescent Dr.
Washington Rd. @ Woodhaven Dr.
Scott Rd/Castle Shannon Blvd/Sunset Dr.
Castle Shannon Blvd. @ Walkway
Washington Rd. @ Castle Shannon Blvd.
Washington Rd. @ School
Castle Shannon Blvd. @ Shady Dr. East
Washington Rd. @ Jefferson Dr.
Castle Shannon Blvd. @ Hemlock St.
Washington Rd. @ Cedar Blvd.
Washington Rd. @ Lebanon Ave.
Washington Rd. @ Shady Dr. East & West