COVID-19 Dashboard

The Dashboard is designed to provide more data to create a fuller view of COVID-19 cases in our schools. It aligns with the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s new guidelines regarding the identification of Covid-19 cases in school.  All data below is updated on an on-going basis so charts will change as the District is informed of new cases.

The Dashboard consists of three elements: 

  1. The first chart is aligned with the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Recommendations for Pre-K to 12 Schools Following Identification of a Cases of COVID-19.  Each school's graph accounts for the number of positive and probable cases of employees and students (includes those Remote students participating in athletics or activities at a school building) who were physically present at the school during the 14 day rolling period.  The case count would reset, should it be determined that a school needed to close for any length of time. 

  2. The second chart provides a snapshot of the total number of employee and student positive cases of COVID-19 in the District. 

  3. The third chart displays the total COVID -19 cases by month.