Click the links below to read about the innovative grants recently awarded to Mt. Lebanon teachers through the MLFE.

Mosaic Mural

Mosaic Mural - Mt. Lebanon High School $2,000

A COLLABORATIVE mosaic mural would invite all persons in the high school community to contribute a tile to the mosaic over a two week open-studio time during lunch and after school. The mural will be designed and prepared by art students who have mastery over the elements and principles of design. This particular project would offer a beautiful, permanent installation (location to be determined) in our building.

Laser Timing for Physical Education

Laser Timing for Physical Education - Mt. Lebanon High School Athletics $1,945

The project is designed for the Physical Education, Science and Athletics Department to benefit from the purchasing of a laser timing system. The system will be able to provide accurate data for physical education classes and athletic teams in various speed training assessments. In addition the data gathered in the physical education classes/athletic training sessions can be used in multiple science classes labs as well as the system itself to time other labs.

Float Your Boat

Float Your Boat - Foster Elementary School $94.44

Foster Elementary third graders will embark upon a short series of lessons about buoyancy. Students will design and create small boats using a variety of items and test them to find out how much weight their boats can hold by placing pennies inside. Finally, the students will redesign their boats (and perhaps rethink the placement of the pennies) in the our Matt's Makerspace and see if their modifications really worked.

Exploring E-Textiles with a Maker-In-Residence

Exploring E-textiles with a Maker-in-Residence - Howe Elementary School $2,183.60

The Matt’s Maker Space in Howe Elementary School will welcome a maker-in-residence to guide 4th grade students and teachers in planning, creating and troubleshooting interactive electronic textiles. Dr. Melissa Rogers, a local teaching artist and maker educator, will work with 4th grade art and library classes to design individualized soft circuitry projects. These projects will be combined to form a work of art to be installed in the school.

Apply for a Grant

MLFE is will be accepting applications for Spring 2018 Expanding the Boundaries of Learning Grants. due by May 7, 2018.

Awards will be announced in early December. Any MTLSD teacher may apply.

MLFE Teacher Grant Application

The grant review committee uses a Grant Rubric to rate all grant applications. This helps the committee determine if the application meets the standards that we have set for the grants we award. It is recommended that as teachers write their grant proposals, they use this rubric has a tool to guide their planning.

Check out some past Grants Awarded to help you see what's been awarded in the past.