HS Gifted Support

Kathleen Konechny
Coordinator Secondary Gifted Ed.

Mt. Lebanon School District 7 Horsman Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15228

Specially Designed Instruction

Specially designed instruction is provided through a student's GIEP (Gifted Individualized Educational Plan) to accommodate additional challenge needed in a class or classes. Modifications can be made to the content of the course, the process by which a student learns and/or how the student is evaluated. The GIEP team determines the student's need for specially designed instruction and the modifications which will best serve the unique needs of each student.

Enrichment Outside Classroom

Numerous enrichment options are available outside of the classroom setting throughout the course of the school year. Students may elect to attend workshops, lectures, academic competitions, and a variety of career exploration opportunities.

Apprenticeship Programs

Mt. Lebanon students may apply to Apprenticeship Programs in over 20 fields including: architecture, art, musical theater, engineering, and nursing and health careers. Sponsored by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, the programs allow students to explore a field of interest during the school year. Sessions for each apprenticeship are most often held once each month for five to seven months. Transportation and any fees are the responsibility of the student's family.

The application process begins in early April. All students must complete the online application through the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. Mt. Lebanon students must have a minimum of 3.0 non-weighted QPA to apply. Each Mt. Lebanon student and his/her parent or guardian must also sign a permission form and waiver prior the application deadline. Applications of students who do not meet these requirements will not be considered for an apprenticeship program.

Summer Programs/Opportunities

Summer can be the perfect time for high school students to explore an area of interest, consider career possibilities, experience life on a college campus, or gain practical skills. There are uncountable opportunities for enrichment at the local, state, national, and even the international level.

The gifted coordinator shares details of summer programs as information is released from sponsoring organizations. However, it is important for students and families to also search for unique opportunities. It is fun and exciting to see what shows up with a simple online search!