Superintendent Goals

Goals 2020-2021

The Pennsylvania School Code provides as follows: The Superintendent shall be the chief administrative officer and chief instructional officer of the Board of Education and the School District, and shall be responsible for the execution of all actions of the Board, the administration and operation of the public school system subject to the policies of the Board, and the supervision of all matters pertaining to instruction in all the schools under the direction of the Board. The Superintendent’s goals will be aligned to the District’s mission: “To provide the best education possible for each and every student.”

Aligned to the District Strategic Plan Goals

1. Academic Excellence

a. Identify educational learning and skill gaps, and create and present to the School Board a plan to mitigate such gaps resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.
b. Implement the Re-Opening School Plans as approved by the School Board 

  • Transition as necessary between instructional models

c. Identify goals to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the District using a stakeholder-driven process

  • Recommend an implementation plan to the School Board

d. Continue the study of the elementary English Language Arts core resources
e. Pursue High School Middle States Program of Distinction in Fine Arts - Music.


2. Social and Emotional Well-Being 

a. Create and present a plan to the School Board to address and support student social and emotional well-being resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. 
b. Deploy K-12 “Listen, Protect, Connect/Model-Teach” mental health and well-being framework 
c. Implement the Columbia Risk Assessment Model (Suicide Assessment) in K-12
d. Prepare and present Mindful Moment segments for Student and Parents

3. Critical Competencies

a. Offer Parent University 2.0 (menu of educational options for parents)
b. Expand the capacity of faculty and staff to deliver instruction across multiple modalities (virtual, hybrid, in-person)

  • Training
  • Resources

4. Inclusive, Welcoming, Safe and Secure Schools

a. Complete the 2020-2021 AEDY Cyclical Monitoring process
b. Manage any COVID-19 cases that emerge in a school
c. Track, analyze, respond, and communicate regarding COVID-19.
d. Review and update Title IX policies and procedures to align with the new US Department of Education regulations


5. Operational

a. Prepare for and begin negotiations with cafeteria and custodian unions.
b. Present School Board with information regarding possible Bond refinancing
c. Transition new HR Director

The Assistant Superintendents share the same goals and focus areas.