Nominations and Voting

Two of the most important procedures that happen in a PTA are nominations and voting (either elections or on agenda items). The PA PTA has assisted Mt. Lebanon City Council PTA in developing guidelines to help with these procedures. Please refer to the documents linked below or contact the Bylaws Chair or President with questions or to request assistance.

MtL Council Nominating Guidelines for Boards
All board members should review this document prior to electing the nominating committee. This addresses questions regarding incomplete slates and filling vacancies, in addition to what duties the nominating committee are charged with.

MtL Council Nominating Guidelines for Committees
These guidelines are to be used for all nominating committees to guide them in their work. They can be printed and placed in your nominating committee binder.

MtL Council Nominating Committee Report
This should be given to your Nominating Committee to complete before they present the slate.

Presenting the Slate
MtL Council Presenting the Slate and Floor Nominations
Refer to this document prior to the meeting in which your nominating committee presents the slate of officer candidates. It will help you properly present the slate and take nominations from the floor.

Electing Officers or Conducting a Ballot Vote
MtL Council Voting Guidelines
This document will help you conduct a voice or ballot vote. It is mostly tailored to elections of nominating committee or officers but can also be used as a guideline if you have an important motion that you vote on by ballot.

MtL Council Tellers’ Committee Instructions
This document explains how a Tellers’ Committee performs their duties in the case of a ballot vote. You should review this in case you need to conduct a ballot vote and have a copy available for any meeting that requires a ballot vote.