Summer Learning


The Summer Learning Center (SLC) is a five-week program designed to provide students in grades K-5 an integrated language arts, math, social skills curriculum utilizing flexible grouping taught at the student’s instructional level. The goal of the instruction is to help students maintain skills over the summer months. Classrooms will be designed to integrate academic content with thematically-designed social/recreational activities.


This program will meet the needs of any student requiring additional instruction in reading, writing, or math. Additionally, this program will address the instructional needs of all Extended School Year (ESY) and English as Second Language (ESL) students.

Non-ESY or ESL students will be recommended by their classroom teachers based on individual student need and performance in reading, writing and math.


Instruction will be provided from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm on the following dates (buildings locations to be provided at a later date):

Week 1: 6/19/23-6/22/23
Week 2: 6/26/23-6/29/23
Week 3: 7/3/23-7/6/23
Week 4: 7/10/23-7/13/23
Week 5: 7/17/23-7/20/23
Week 6: 7/24/23-7/27/23 (ABA Only)


Each classroom will be staffed with a certified teacher. Additional staff including a counselor, classroom assistants, and related service providers (as necessary) will deliver services in order to maintain requirements for Extended School Year and English as a Second Language. The ratio of students/staff will be low.


The tuition fee for Summer Learning Center is $400.  


If you would like to register your child with the Summer Learning Center, please fill out the enclosed registration form and the emergency contact form; send all to Lisa Shank in the Office of Student Support at Hoover Elementary no later than May 5, 2023. A student whose registration information is received after May 5th will be placed on a waiting list in the order registration was received.

Summer Learning Center Registration Form

Emergency Contact Form

Summer Learning Center Coordinators

Iva Hertzog –

Tess Falcone –

Summer Learning Center Program Administrator

Gina Mahouski -