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Mt. Lebanon has been designated by Google as a Google Reference District. This means that our students from Grades K through 12 are given MTLSD login accounts which synchronize with Google to provide them access to apps including:

GMail Gmail dot dot dot
Contacts Contacts dot dot dot
Chat Google Chat     dot
Meet Google Meet dot dot dot
Calendar Google Calendar dot dot dot
Keep Google Keep dot dot dot
Photos Google Photos   dot dot
Drive Google Dirve dot dot dot
Docs Google Docs dot dot dot
Forms Google Forms dot dot dot
Sheets Google Sheets dot dot dot
Sites Google Sites dot dot dot
Slides Google Slides dot dot dot
Jamboard Jamboard dot dot dot
Search Google Search dot dot dot
News Google News dot dot dot
Earth Google Earth dot dot dot
Maps Google Maps dot dot dot
Translate Google Translate dot dot dot
YouTube YouTube dot dot dot

Your student's MTLSD ID and initial password will be provided by their homeroom teacher and is available on PowerSchool (Dashboard) under the Student Information section.


  Google Help Documents  

Google Help Documents

GMail GMail
  • We have enabled email forwarding from student gmail accounts to additional email addresses. If you are interested in setting this up for your student's account, please follow the directions in the following Google help document: [CLICK HERE]
Calendar Google Calendar
  • Each of our schools has an events calendar on their website. We have created a help document to help you view those events on your own Google Calendar: [CLICK HERE]
  • We have created "What Day Is It?" calendars so you can know if today is Day 1, Day 2, ... This help document will help you add one or both of these calendars (Elementary+Middle and/or High School) to your own Google Calendar: [CLICK HERE]