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District Devices and Bring-Your-Own-Technology (BYOT)


All Mt. Lebanon students in grades K-5 are issued a device for their learning at school and at home. Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade receive iPads. Students in grades 2-5 receive Chromebooks.

Elementary Family Tech Overview


Students in grades 6-12 are required to bring a non-cellphone device with them to school every day. If you would like to borrow a device for your student in grades 6-12, please submit a request by clicking the button below:


For families interested in advice about purchasing a device for their student in grades 6-12, we have created this document: Home Device Considerations

To view the District-Owned Equipment Conditions of Use, please visit this document at


  MtL Remote Support  

District-Owned Student Device Support (K-12)

For students in all grades, if you have a District-owned device and you need to report damage, ask for technical support, or generally have questions about that device, please use the form below:

MTLSD Student Device Help Request

We will do our best to make your request our top priority. Additionally, we will correspond with you using the email address that you provide in this form. A copy of your original request will also be emailed to you using this address.


  MtL Equipment Protection Plan

MTLSD Equipment Protection Plan (EPP)

For all District-issued student devices, families have the option of purchasing an Equipment Protection Plan (EPP). The EPP is OPTIONAL and is NOT required. The EPP will cover a single 1:1 District-owned device for the 2023-2024 school year - starting on July 1, 2023, and concluding on June 30, 2024.

A new or renewal EPP must be obtained yearly for each District-owned device.

Students and families are responsible for any and all damage to their district-owned device unless determined otherwise by the Mt. Lebanon School District. If it is determined through an investigation that the student's device was damaged by another student, all students involved will be financially responsible for the damage incurred.

Items covered under the Mt. Lebanon EPP

  • All physical components of the District-owned device due to accidental damage
  • Theft of a device (must have a police report)

Items NOT covered under the Mt. Lebanon EPP

  • Intentional damage, abuse, vandalism, or improper use/care, which results in structural damage including, but not limited to: bending, missing parts/components, dents, scratches, cracks, modifications, or disassembly of the device, etc.
  • Loss of charger, charging/power cable, case, and/or stylus
  • Loss of iPad or Chromebook

**The Mt. Lebanon School District will determine if damages were accidental or the result of intentional damage, abuse, or improper use/care.

The fee for enrollment in the EPP for a school year or part of a school year is $35 per device, payable upon enrollment.

What if I choose to NOT purchase the Equipment Protection Plan?
If you elect to NOT enroll in the Mt. Lebanon School District Equipment Protection Plan, the full repair/replacement costs of the District-owned 1:1 device are the responsibility of the student/family. See below for an estimated list of repair/replacement costs.

For ALL District-owned devices, repairs must be completed by the District. Students/Families must complete the online form found at to request a repair. Students/Families are not authorized to repair or have third parties repair any district-owned student device.

What if I am economically disadvantaged?
Please contact Marianne Salzman (412-344-2097 or to apply for enrollment in the EPP with the $35 fee waived. The District will determine if the EPP fee will be waived based upon the circumstances.

How do I opt-in to the Equipment Protection Plan?
To opt-in to the Equipment Protection plan, please click THIS LINK or click the ENROLL button to the left.

Enrollment in the EPP must be completed by October 1, 2023. If your elementary student moves into the District after the school year starts, enrollment must be completed by 2 weeks after your student's start date. If your secondary student borrows a device from the District during the course of the school year, enrollment in the EPP must be completed within 2 weeks of the date of the request. Use THIS FORM to enroll in the EPP manually after October 1, 2023 if this is the case.

Damage to a District-owned device prior to the purchase of the EPP will be ineligible for coverage and the total repair cost will be the responsibility of the student/family.

Estimated Repair/Replacement Costs
The table below is an estimate of the replacement costs you may be charged for accidental damage without EPP enrollment as well as costs for intentional damage or loss even if EPP is purchased:

Part *EPP Cost *Non-EPP Cost
Webcam $0 $20
Power Port $0 $75
Keyboard $0 $100
LCD Screen $0 $150
Full Replacement $0 $400
Power/Charge Cable  $20 $20
Part *EPP Cost *Non-EPP Cost
Camera (front) $0 $50
Camera (back) $0 $75
Headphone Jack $0 $60
Home Button $0 $70
Glass Surface $0 $130
Glass+LCD Screen $0 $240
Full Replacement $0 $400
Headphone Adapter $10 $10
Power/Charge Cable $20 $20
*Damage found to be based on neglect or other non-accidental reasons is not eligible for EPP cost protection. Loss due to theft must be accompanied by a police report to be eligible for EPP cost protection. Lost cables are not covered by EPP cost protection. The foregoing are estimates only, and families will be responsible for actual costs. Repair costs will vary.