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Mrs. Shelly Saba and Mr. Mike Locke Go the Extra Mile
Mrs. Shelly Saba and Mr. Mike Locke Go the Extra Mile
Extra Mile Award May 2017

This month's Extra Mile Award winners are high school math teacher and secondary mathematics department chair, Mr. Michael Locke and high school counselor, Mrs. Shelly Saba. Both were nominated by high school English teacher Mrs. Trish Shine and the high school principals Mr. Brian McFeeley, Ms. Natasha Dirda, Ms. Carlie McGinty and Mr. Joel Thompson for their excellent work in laying the foundation and developing the high school's freshmen orientation and transition program called "Link Crew". The yearlong Link Crew program includes an exciting 1/2 day orientation before the school year begins followed up by monthly meetings during the year led by trained Link Crew upperclassmen, with other freshmen only activities offered at other times during the year including a football tailgate, Cocoa and Cram semester exam study session, and an inflatable game night, just to name a few.

Mrs. Saba and Mr. Locke have been instrumental in initiating and strengthening the Link Crew program (including all of the things just mentioned) at the high school. Nominator Mrs. Shine noted that she personally thinks that the program has improved the soul of our school. Freshmen feel more connected, kinder, and more willing to lend a hand to those in need; Link Crew Leaders of other grades seem noticeably more invested in creating a positive, productive culture in the school.

The investment of time and energy that has gone into growing such a stellar program has been immeasurable. Mr. Locke and Mrs. Saba have provided many hours of volunteer service to make the Link Crew program a resounding success. Neither of them expect any financial compensation as they are honored to be a part of an effective program that helps so many of our school's children.

Aside from this, they are both dynamic and highly energetic people. Their enthusiasm is infectious for both students and colleagues. Mr. Locke and Mrs. Saba are truly an asset to our high school and district.