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Mrs. Peg Grasso Extra Mile Award Recipient
Mrs. Peg Grasso Extra Mile Award Recipient

Congratulations to high school German teacher Mrs. Peg Grasso on being recognized with the Extra Mile Award by the School Board at the March 19 Board meeting. Mrs. Grasso was nominated by Ms. Susan Meer, High School STEM Director and science teacher.

From Ms. Meer's nomination:

"Peg Grasso Meyers' dedication to her students and our community goes above and beyond what most teachers do in and out of the classroom.

Last spring, Ms. Meyers she told her students about a chance to be fully immersed in German through a STEM competition in Colorado. After choosing 4 students for the team, she met with them on several occasions to prepare for the competition and organized all aspects of the trip. In September of this year, she took the students on this unique experience which was a great success. Her interactions with the students were always professional while displaying a genuine desire for them to succeed. The students know she cares about them and wants their learning experiences to be the best. She is what every teacher should be. Peg's strong support of her students and the encouragement she gives to them leads one to understand why the German program is so strong here in Mt. Lebanon.

During the month of October she coordinated 20 German students and two German teachers from a high school in Germany to visit our community. She found homes for all of the students, mostly with Mt. Lebanon students studying the German language. She arranged for them to go to the Homecoming Dance with their host students and teachers. She arranged several outings for the German students to learn more about our culture during their two week visit. The entire hosting event takes months of planning and much of her outside time to do. I know Peg does this because she cares for her students deeply and wants them to experience as much German culture as possible. This cultural exchange benefits all in our community, helping to reinforce the acceptance of other cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

I fully recommend Peg Grasso Meyers for the extra mile award with no reservations. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this recognition."