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Going the Extra Mile
Going the Extra Mile

We always tell our students to "look for the helpers" in difficult times. At the December 10, 2018 School Board meeting, the Board recognized Ms. Jen Sloan and Mr. Joe Mirt with Extra Mile Awards. Both were nominated by their school administrators for helping students in their schools in a critical moment of need.

Our faculty and staff are trained every year to recognize basic emergency situations and how to respond to them until medical help arrives. This training was recently put to the test at the high school and Jefferson Elementary School.

Extra Mile recipient Jen Sloan is a Personal Care Assistant at the high school. Jen was present in the cafeteria and observed a student who began to display symptoms of choking. Jen immediately went over to the student and did not hesitate to perform abdominal thrusts and the food became dislodged. The nurse was notified and the proper protocol was followed.

Extra Mile recipient Joe Mirt is a custodian at Jefferson Elementary School He was working in the cafeteria during lunch and noticed a child who was choking and appeared to be in distress. Without hesitation, Joe approached the student and provided abdominal thrusts which dislodged the food.

"We are very thankful for Joe and Jen's awareness and action by using their training to assist our students in distress," said School Board President Mike Riemer. "I applaud them for their quick recognition and action to help our students. They both went the extra mile to help our students and we are pleased to recognize them with this award."