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2019 Lincoln Elementary Science Fair Highlights
2019 Lincoln Elementary Science Fair Highlights

The Lincoln Elementary Science Fair, sponsored by the Lincoln PTA, was held on Wednesday, February 13th. It showcased many Lincoln students' talent for science! This year's science fair was open to students in Grades 2 – 5. We want to thank Mrs. Maggie Frey and Mrs. Amanda Babst for serving as the Lincoln PTA Science Fair committee co-chairs. Under their leadership, this year's science fair was a resounding success! A special thank you goes out to Mad Science for sponsoring the two activity rooms for our students and our guest judges for taking time to offer their time and talents at the science fair.

Over 100 students entered projects and had them on display for all in attendance. Our judges had some difficult decisions to make. In the end, the following projects were recognized by the judges as one of the top entries in each grade level category.

Grade 2

  • 1st Place – Scarlett Pryor and Reese Lockwich – The Science of Gummy Bears
  • 2nd Place – Allegra Synowiec and Dina Simovski – The Cleanest Hands
  • 3rd Place – Rachel Sutter – How Does a Vinegar and Baking Soda Volcano Work?

Grade 3

  • 1st Place – Natalie Adams – Yikes! Slime Removes Paint from Furniture!
  • 2nd Place – Courtney Loughney and Harper Davies – Bounce It!
  • 3rd Place – Collin Frey – Which Bridge is the Strongest?

Grade 4

  • 1st Place – Jack Theis – Impact of Different Materials on Sound Absorption
  • 2nd Place – Joaquin Soto – Sugar Versus Teeth
  • 3rd Place – Rylinn Leasure – Pittsburgh - The City of Bridges

Grade 5

  • 1st Place – Aika Kitani – TAIA-Teacher's AI Aid
  • 2nd Place – Mathieu Williams and Liam Frey – Filling the Landfills
  • 3rd Place – Henry Adams – Repurposing Christmas: Making Natural pH Indicators from Holiday Leftovers to Test Common Household Items