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Washington Teachers Go the Extra Mile
Washington Teachers Go the Extra Mile

At the March 18 School Board Meeting, Washington Elementary teachers Ms. Gretchen Brown and Ms. Kim Robbins were honored by the Board with an Extra Mile Award for going above and beyond for a Washington student. Ms. Rose Davidson, also a teacher at Washington, submitted the nomination and School Board President Mike Riemer shared the statement below from the nomination:

"Mrs. Gretchen Brown and Mrs. Kim Robbins are exemplary examples of the criteria associated with why this honor is bestowed on employees of Mt. Lebanon School District.

Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Robbins both chose to assist a student who needed months of homebound instruction due to a significant medical issue -- this student received so much more than just math, reading, and Spanish instruction. Not only did both teachers provide the instruction the student was missing, but the additional love and care they shared was exemplary.

They both gave hours of their time each week to ensure that not only did the student learn, but that the student stayed present in daily lessons, activities, and holidays. They challenged the student, visited numerous times in the hospital, assisted with the family, began fundraisers, Skyped the student into their classrooms, and so much more. Kim and Gretchen cared for this student far beyond what was expected, and gave this student so much more than just homebound instruction. They enveloped the student with the love and support that all students deserve!"

Congratulations to Ms. Brown and Ms. Robbins on going above and beyond for your student.