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Symbolizing the Differences that  Make Us ONE at Lincoln Elementary School
Symbolizing the Differences that Make Us ONE at Lincoln Elementary School

To continue our efforts to make Lincoln a school where hate has no place, we encouraged our Lincoln students to participate in a poster contest. The poster contest involved changing/adapting our Linked at Lincoln logo to represent themselves. The contest concluded with a winner from each grade level, which were announced once all the projects were completed. Through this project, students symbolized and explained how we are all the same, yet different, making us one (much like the Stronger than Hate poster). This project had three (3) elements: 1) Visual, 2) Writing and 3) Speaking.

For the Visual component, students took our Linked at Lincoln logo and changed/adapted it to represent themselves (sports, religions, clubs, languages, etc.) representing we are all the same, yet all different. Within the Writing part, the students explained what the symbol means to them and how we, as Lincoln School, are the same and different. As for the the Speaking component, our students shared their symbol posters with their classmates. This occurred during our classroom level weekly OLWEUS classroom lessons.

The following students had their posters selected as the winning entries for their respective grade levels. Their posters are currently on display inside the main entrance of the school.

  • Kindergarten – Alexandra Strasbaugh
  • Grade 1 – Reva Zhengrui
  • Grade 2 – Yousra Yousofzai
  • Grade 3 – Yanya Xiang
  • Grade 4 – Haddy Mahamba-Nassour
  • Grade 5 – Sherry Chen

We thank all of the students that submitted entries and our No Place For Hate core team of staff members for judging the entries.