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Going the Extra Mile: Ms. Pamela Harris
Going the Extra Mile: Ms. Pamela Harris

At the April School Board meeting, Board President Mike Riemer presented high school biology teacher Ms. Pam Harris with an Extra Mile Award. Mr. Riemer stated that this particular award was a very special one, "because the nominators are students, Seniors Rebecca Schwartz and Alayna Mikush. I can think of no greater compliment for a teacher than to have your students recognize you for your efforts."

Here is the nomination submission by the students for Ms. Harris:

"We are Rebecca Schwartz and Alayna Mikush, and we are seniors on the Science Bowl and Science Olympiad teams, both of which are coached by the amazing Mrs. Harris, a biology teacher here at the high school. Both of us had her for honors Biology sophomore year, so we have seen just how amazing she is both inside and outside of the classroom.

She is one of the hardest working teachers we have ever had, taking time to make sure that each of her students understands the class content. Her lectures, labs, and classroom activities are so engaging that we can still explain how the digestive system works two years latter. We don't know if we've ever had a teacher so passionate about both her subject matter and teaching itself.

Her teaching alone would qualify her for this award, but it is her work outside of the classroom coaching both the science Olympiad team and the Science Bowl team that makes her extraordinary. She VOLUNTEERED over 60 hours of her time to train us for competition. She arrives at school early and stays late. This year she single-handedly started the Science Olympiad team and helped us prepare for competition. In just six weeks, our team was able to win fourth place at the regional competition due to her spectacular coaching and dedication. Now as we prepare for the state competition, she spends hours compiling practice tests, creating study guides, and teaching us what we need to know. She does all with a smile on her face, and her passion for science is contagious. It is teachers like her who make us excited to learn."