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National French Exam Perfect Score; Lebo French Students Excel
National French Exam Perfect Score; Lebo French Students Excel

Mt. Lebanon High School 9th Grade student Natalie McGee achieved a perfect score on the Level 3 National French Exam in March. Over 14,600 students in the country took the Level 3 exam, and she is one of 29 students with a perfect score. This is a rare honor. Natalie received a platinum medal, a certificate, and a plaque. The school also received a plaque for display.

In addition, High School French teachers, Ms. Joan Hayden and Ms. Nancy Campbell, are pleased to announce the Mt. Lebanon High School national medalists for the 2019 National French Exam (Le Grand Concours) sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF):

Level 2: Gold medal: Megan Sharon

Silver medal: Lindsay Bruder, Alma Dardari, Elizabeth Feldstein, James Kline, Maddie Rea,

Ella Slagle, Jackson Vlsek

Bronze medal: Rosemary Crist, Josephine Dougherty, Nora Kulzer, Dimitri Peltz, Keira Quinn

Level 3: Platinum medal: 1st place in the country; perfect score: Natalie McGee

Gold medal: Nathan Kerr

Silver medal: Maya Jones, Maya Legursky, Chloe Spikula

Bronze medal: Mellissa Beldjenna, Ben Brown, Sophie Coyne, Maddie Gyurina

Level 4: Silver medal: Steven Labalme, Zoe Phares

Bronze medal: Tyler Rose, Bridget Zimmerman

Level 5:Silver medal: Elizabeth Dewit

Bronze: Laura Parrish, Morgan Steiner

In addition, 38 students received an Honorable Mention for their exam score.