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The following list is a list of the activities and clubs currently offered at the high school. In September of each year, the Student Activities office hosts a Student Activities Day during the three lunch periods. Students are encouraged to eat their lunch and then browse by the tables set up in Center Court and the skywalk for all of the high school's clubs and activities. Students interested in a particular activity can can gather information and sign up to be a member of any of the following clubs and activities.

An asterisk (*) Indicates a school sponsored activity. Clubs/organizations without an asterisk are student initiated and considered non-school sponsored activities. Each non-school sponsored activity must go through an annual application process.

*Academic Games

Students participate in six local tournaments where they compete in social studies, language arts, and mathematics games. Qualifiers may also compete at the national tournament.

Mr. Brad Kavo, sponsor

*Art Club

This club helps interested students learn about pursuing co-curricular art experiences.

Mrs. Jennifer Rodriquez, sponsor

*Band - Concert, Jazz, Marching

Concert, Marching & Jazz: Members must be skilled in playing an instrument. Concert Band is a credited scheduled course.

Mr. Jason Cheskawich, sponsor

Blender Club

The goals are to get the members excited about the Free and Open Source (FOSS) software, Blender, a professional and cross-platform, platform for 3D graphics, animation, Match Moving, VFX, and much more.

Mr. Al D'Alo, sponsor

Blue Devils High Q

This club competes as a team in the KDKA Hometown High Q television program.

Mr. Mark Kernion, sponsor

Cafeteria Advisory Council

The council will meet with the Mt. Lebanon District Food Service director provide feed back and offer suggestions. The objective is to establish a link between the students and the food service department.

Mr. Nolen Fetchko and Mr. John Saban, sponsors

Card Game Club

This club meets weekly and the members participate in miscellaneous card games such as Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, Yu-Gi-Oh, and others

Mr. Mike Hathy, sponsor

*Chamber Chorus

Chamber Choir is a co-ed auditioned ensemble for Juniors and Seniors only. Students must be enrolled in Concert Choir to audition. Classical, chamber style repertoire is the primary focus. Rehearsals and performance opportunities outside of school are a requirement of this ensemble.

Mr. Ethan LaPlaca,sponsor

Chemistry Club

The purpose of the club is to provide students with creative ways to expand their interest in chemistry and explore the subject outside of the classroom environment.

Mr. Mark Kernion, sponsor

Chess Club

Members will play chess and teach new members the game.

Mr. Rolf Briegel, sponsor

Computer Science Club

The members meet every other week to share information regarding current topics of their choosing. The topics could include 3D rendering, a new language, or interesting algorithms. Team work and brainstorming will occur as member s work together on projects for themselves or for the high school's Technology department.

Mr. Tom Jackson, sponsor

*Concert Chorus

Students experience group participation in choral performances. Concert Choir is a credited, scheduled course.

Mr. Ethan LaPlaca, sponsor

Cooking 101

Members will learn the basics of cooking and baking. they plan to have fun making a variety of recipes.

Mrs. Annamarie Cupp, sponsor

*Dance Company

The Dance Company studies, choreographs and presents public performances. Dance Company is a credited, scheduled course entered through an audition process.

Mrs. Ce Ce Kapron, sponsor

*Devil’s Advocate (Mt. Lebanon High School"s newspaper)

The high school newspaper is published monthly. To participate, students must be enrolled in the Journalism Production class (Journalism 1 is a prerequisite). Journalism production is a credited, scheduled course.

Mrs. Dawn Begor, sponsor

*Environmental Club

This club promotes environmental awareness and conservation at school and in the community. Students will promote conservation through recycling, reducing energy use, and participating in school and community environmental projects.

Mrs. Laura Wilcox & Mr. Rob Bergstresser, sponsors

*Evening Theatre Company

Evening Theatre Company is a class that produces evening theatrical productions in November and March. Pre-requisites include Theatre I, II, III, and Daytime Theatre Company.

Ms. Jen Majetic, sponsor

*Executive Class Councils

Students in grades 9-12 interested in serving the school and in fostering school spirit may join their class council at any time. Class Councils meet once a week in the Sponsor's classroom prior to Homeroom.

Mrs. Judith Kolko, Student Activities Director and Class Advisors:

Senior Class: Mr. Andrew Kuskil, Junior Class: Mr. Darren McGregor,

Sophomore Class: Mr. Jim Willison, Freshman Class: Mrs. Laura Erdeljac

Fashion Club

Discuss current trends, create DIY projects, learn about careers in the fashion industry, and organize a fashion show or a clothing drive.

Mrs. Sharon Silver & Mrs. Annamarie Cupp, sponsors

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

This club ministers and provides fellowship through competitive athletics.

Mr. Oscar Shutt, sponsor


Students will learn the art of using a foil or epee and participate in local competitions.

Mrs. Irene Duda, sponsor

Film Club

The purpose of the Film Club is to provide a venue for viewing and discussing important works of cinema. It will foster appreciation and discussion of classic and contemporary films.

Mr. Chris Sobieralski, sponsor

*Forensics (Speech & Debate) Team

This is a nationally affiliated group that provides debate and forensic opportunities.

Mrs Betsy Teti (not a faculty member), sponsor

*French Club

The French Club organizes activities to promote the appreciation of the French language and the many francophone cultures around the world.

Mrs. Nancy Campbell, sponsor

*Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Business and Liberal Arts activity for students that fosters community service, competition, and leadership through attendance at conferences and workshops as well as competitions. Qualifiers may also compete at the state and national levels.

Mrs. Amanda Checque, sponsor

Gay, Straight Alliance (Mt. Lebanon GSA)

Our goal is to create a safe environment for kids who are members of the LGBT community, also for people not in the community, to ask questions and be educated about LGBT issues.

Mrs Pam Harris, sponsor

*German Club

This club provides activities for students to speak and understand German.

Mrs. Peg Meyers, sponsor

*History Club

This club encourages historical research and preparation for the National History Day contest.

Mr. Peter DiNardo, sponsor


For information on this Club sport go to

Mr. Bill Erdeley (not a faculty member), sponsor

*Homeroom Representatives

In September, each Homeroom selects two representatives. Duties include: picking up mail from the homeroom mailboxes in the A.O. attending monthly Student Council meetings, and keeping the homeroom up-to-date on all current school information.

Homeroom teachers and Mrs. Judith Kolko, sponsors

Human Rights Club - Amnesty International

Students participate in an international movement to protect human rights.

Mr. David Black, sponsor

Intramural Dance Club

This club will provide an opportunity for students of all skill levels to dance with their peers.

Ms. Madelon TIeman, sponsor

*Intramural Sports

A variety of intramural sports are available and may be organized according to student interest. All students are eligible to participate except the members of interscholastic squads of the same sport.

Mr. Mark DeBernardis, sponsor

*Lebanon LOG (Mt. Lebanon High School's yearbook)

This is the high school yearbook. Students work on this publication throughout the year. The book is published and distributed in the spring. To participate, students must be enrolled in the Journalism Production class (Journalism 1 is a prerequisite). Journalism Production is a credited, scheduled course.

Mrs. Bev Jones, sponsor

Coding Gals

Girls who code programs work to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities.

Mr. Chris Stengel (Mt Lebanon School District Director of Technology), sponsor

Link Crew

Students apply to become a member in the Spring of their junior and/or senior year. These selected members offer guidance and support to all freshmen throughout the school year.

Ms. Natasha Dirda, Mr. Mike Locke, Mrs. Shelly Saba, and Mrs. Christy Smith, sponsors

*Men's Ensemble

This group is part of the Choir music performance program. Auditions are required.

Mr. Ethan LaPlaca, sponsor

*Model United Nations

Student teams represent countries in the United Nations at area competitions.

Mr. George Savarese & Mr. Adam Lumish, sponsors

Opera Club

To learn about opera (in general); receive educational materials and learn about the 2013-2014 Pittsburgh Opera Season; bring in guest performers and speakers and have access to special student discount tickets to local operas.

Mrs. Lia Christulides, sponsor


The orchestra is open to interested students proficient in instruments of a symphony orchestra. Orchestra is a credited, scheduled course. The wind and percussion players are selected by audition.

Mr. Robert Vogel, sponsor

*Percussion Ensemble

This group is a segment of the band which performs concert percussion. Student instrumentalists are proficient in several instruments such as drums, xylophone, maraca, etc. Auditions are required.

Mr. Richard Minnotte (not a faculty member), sponsor

*Photography Club

Members learn to take pictures correctly.

Mr. Andrew Kuskil, sponsor

Politics and Pizza

This club will provide an environment where mediated political discussion can be had while eating pizza. Idea and opinions not commonly discussed will be encouraged.

Mr. Thad Merriman, sponsor

*Principal’s Advisory Council

Students from each grade level meet monthly with the principal to discuss issues of importance in the high school.

Mr. Brian McFeeley, sponsor

*PULSE (Students' Literary magazine)

Pulse uses web-based publication methods to produce a multi-media arts web disc that reflects the best poetry, fiction, photography, short film, art, and music the school has to offer.

Mrs. Patricia Shine and Mr Craig Mysliwczyk, sponsors

Robotics Club

This club examines and creates robots using Lego Mind Storms and digital logic.

Mr. Thomas Schultz, sponsor

*Rockettes and Silks

These groups comprise the dance line and the flag/rifle squad for the Blue Devil Marching Band. Instructional clinics and auditions for these two groups are held annually in the spring.

Mrs. Stephanie Enedy (not a faculty member), sponsor

Run for Fun

This is a club for people who like to run for exercise, but do not have time to run everyday. It gives students the opportunity to run with a group of new people. It helps you to stay active, stay in shape and hopefully it will make you feel better about yourself.

Mrs. Heather Pessy & Mrs. Veronica Coleman, sponsors

Science Bowl

Science Bowl is a club of 12 to 16 students who practice biweekly for a quiz show competition in the spring semester.

Mrs. Pam Harris & Mr. Josh Bilak, sponsors

*Science Club

Students will do original science, mathematics, or computer science research and compete in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science and the Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair with that research.

Mr. Josh Bilak & Mr. Kyle Tilger, sponsors

*Ski Club

Members plan and work out details for ski trips during the season.

Mr. Rob Bergstresser & Mr. Andrew Kuskil, sponsor

*Spanish Club

This club is for students interested in Spanish culture and in speaking the language.

Ms. Sue Quintero, sponsor

*Stage Crew

The crew is responsible for staging and lighting for all auditorium and Fine Arts Theatre events for school and rental groups.

Mr. Dave Stoklosa, sponsor

*Student Council

This organization includes the Class Executive Councils, homeroom representatives, club representatives and the class sponsors. This club plans school-wide activities, publicizes school events, promotes school spirit, develops leadership skills, and oversees student fundraising projects. Student Council also serves as the governing body for the high school's students.

Ms. Natasha Dirda & Mrs. Judith Kolko, sponsors

*Student Curriculum Advisory Council (SCAC)

Students work with school administrators to discuss and evaluate the academic program.

Mrs. Tara Leja, sponsor

*Triple Trio

This group is part of the Choral Music performance program. Auditions are required.

Mr. Ethan LaPlaca, sponsor

Ultimate Frisbee

This non-contact team sport mixes the best features of soccer, basketball, and American football. Members practice regularly and play against other high school teams within the Pittsburgh High School Ultimate League (PHUL).

Mr. Stu Snodgrass, sponsor

The Writing Club

Members will create a positive, safe, and creative environment for students to write seek advice, share work, discuss favorite authors, and learn about new techniques to improve writing skills.

TBA, sponsor

Coding Gals

Girls who code programs work to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities.

Mr. Chris Stengel, sponsor

Investment Club

Members meet twice a month to learn about the Stock Market.

Mr. Thad Merriman, sponsor

*Lebo Stars

This organization is dedicated to enhancing the lives of intellectually disabled students in Mt. Lebanon High School. Students participate in social activities throughout the year to increase communication, understanding, and most importantly, to have fun. All are welcome.

Mr. Adam Vlcek & Mrs. Jodi Dunlap, sponsors

Magna Club

Students will blend the Japanese style of art with Japanese storytelling. They will discuss Japanese pop culture and will assist the library with magna purchases.

Mrs. Christy Smith, sponsor

*Winter Guard

Winter Guard occurs typically during November – April. Students utilize skills in dance, flag, rifle & saber at local competitions in high school gymnasiums. The group rehearses approximately 10-12 hours per week after school and typically attends approximately 10 competitions through the season.

Mrs. Stephanie Enedy (not a faculty member), sponsor

Music Cross-Age Tutoring (MC-AT)

High school musicians go to Mellon Middle School to tutor younger musicians and instill an early passion for music in them.

Mr. Pierce Cook, sponsor

Yoga Club

This group will meet after school to relieve stress and relax by doing yoga.

Ms. Madelon Tieman, sponsor

*Latin Club

This club provides activities for students interested in Roman culture and travel.

Mr. Chris Sobieralski, sponsor

*Morning Announcements

Students operate the P. A. system and read the morning announcements. If a student is interested, please stop by Mr. Briegel's classroom or contact him at

Mr. Rolf Briegel, sponsor

Mt. Lebanon High School Crew Team

The term crew is used in American schools and colleges to designate the sport of rowing. Although the Club competes throughout the academic year, it is recognized as a spring sport for varsity letter awarding purposes and the biggest competitions take place in the spring season. Additional information about this sport can be obtained at

Mr. Alan Engel (not a faculty member), sponsor

*MTLSN Productions - TV Production and Editing

This organization provides opportunities for students interested in television production and editing.

Ms. Michelle Kramer, sponsor

Music Appreciation Club

This club is a venue for members to share their love of music with one another. They will listen to recorded music, watch video performances, and host live musicians. The focus will be on lyrics, melody, instrumentation, and arrangement.

Mr. Dan Petrich, sponsor


This is a yearly presentation of the Fine Arts Department held in May. Auditions are held several months prior to the musical performances.

Mr. Robert Vogel, Mr. Greg Kuhar, Mrs. CeCe Kapron, and Mr. Ethan LaPlaca, sponsors

*Odyssey of the Mind

This organization includes students who participate in creative problem-solving competitions. Students will meet on a regular basis to learn and develop spontaneous problem solving skills and to plan long-term projects.

Ms. Michelle Dreyfuss (not a faculty member), sponsor

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