Student Council

All students are invited to join one of the four Student Councils. The members help to organize high school projects such as spirit assemblies, dances, community service events, and many other programs within the school.

The Class of 2019 Student Body officers for the 2018-19 school year are: Presidents: Phoebe Connell and Kelly Donis

Vice Presidents: Bridget Caste and Adam Marks

Secretaries: Cam Powers and Kayleigh Wittman

Treasurers: Aidan Andra and Izzie Levine


Senior Class Officers-Class of 2018

Presidents: Will Buerger and Thomas Heagy
Vice Presidents: Golda Gershanok and Mark Pesacreta
Secretaries: Elizabeth Hartung and Andjelija Ranick
Treasurers: Danielle Malizio and Lucio Santella

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Andrew Kuskil
Senior Executive Class meetings: Tuesdays, 7:30 AM, Student Activities office (AO)

The Class color is YELLOW!!!

The date of Commencement is June 13, 2018

Junior Class Officers-Class of 2019

Presidents: Phoebe Connell & Kelly Donis
Vice President: Marissa Joseph & Cami McKeever
Secretary: Emma Imbarlina & Kayleigh Wittman
Treasurer: Izzy Levine & Mia McClinchie
Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Darren McGregor
Class of 2019 Class Council meetings: Wednesday, 7:30 AM,classroom C405

The Class color is BLUE!!!

Sophomore Class Officers-Class of 2020

Presidents: Kyle Bloch & Madison Jones
Vice President: Emma Chothani & Will Serano
Secretary: Maria O'Matz
Treasurer: Samara Steinfeld

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Jim Willison
Class of 2020 Class Council meetings: Thursdays, 7:30 AM, classroom B611

The Class color is RED!\

Freshman Class Officers-Class of 2021

President(s): Anna Schwartz

Vice President(s): Jack Silverman

Secretary(s): Claudia Conte

Treasurer(s): Jack Horrigan

Faculty Sponsor: Mrs. Laura Erdeljac
Class of 2021 Class Council meetings: Wednesdays, 7:30 AM, classroom B419

The Class color is GREEN!

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