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What is a FAQ?

An acronym for Frequently Asked Questions - here are some of the most common questions posed to our PTA and their responses. Questions that are frequently asked by users are displayed in Categories to the left. You may scroll through questions by Category or search for your question using Keywords.

Do I have to do everything the PTA sponsors?

Answer: All PTA activities are completely voluntary. The PTA sponsors a wide variety of activities and events for children and their families. Parents should chose the activities that suit their families' needs. If you have any questions about an event, call the chairperson or anyone on the PTA board. (See Committees)

How can I get involved in the PTA if I work full time?

Answer: There are many volunteer opportunities to accommodate most any schedule. Some committees need help organizing volunteers via e-mails and telephone calls while others need help on one evening or one Saturday during the school year. The best way to find out what suits your family and work schedule is to contact our volunteer coordinator who can assist you in finding the right fit.

Volunteer Coordinators - Joelle Schultz and Jen Hetz

How do I donate a book to the library in honor of a teacher or my child’s birthday?

Answer: Begun over 20 years ago, the Library Tree has been a means of helping our school library fill its shelves with wonderful books! When you donate a book, the name of the person being honored and of the donor will be added to our Library Tree in the library. Additionally, a bookplate will be placed in the donated book. You may: a) purchase a book and give it to our librarian, Miss Beckman, with the necessary donation information (use the below form link); OR b) contact Miss Beckman at 412/344-2142 so that she can work with you and choose a book. Gift Ideas Flyer

How do I get included in the PTA Directory?

Answer: The PTA Directory is probably the most tangible benefit of membership. To be included, you need to join the PTA at the beginning of the school year. The Directory is published in October of each school year. Visit the membership tab on MSA to sign up!

How do I get reimbursement for my holiday party expenses?

Answer: Homeroom parents should turn in their receipts for party expenses to the PTA Treasurer for reimbursement within two (2) weeks of the party. Treasurer Reimbursement Form

How do I join the PTA?

Answer: You can join the PTA at any time. In the beginning of each school year, a consolidated fee form is mailed home and available in the PTA mailboxes within the WES school office. In that instance, complete the form and give it to the designated PTA volunteer. At any time of year, you can download the membership form and forward it as indicated.

How do I obtain a copy of the PTA Directory?

Answer: The PTA Directory is a wonderful benefit of PTA membership. The Directory is published in October of each school year. It contains the contact information for teachers, PTA, homeroom lists, and individual family contact information. It is an invaluable resource. To obtain one, you need to join the PTA (form HERE).

How do I volunteer in my child’s classroom?

Answer: All parents or interested caregivers are welcome to volunteer for PTA events held in the classroom. Each classroom has a homeroom parent coordinator who organizes volunteers. If you are unaware of the coordinator for your child’s classroom, contact the Homeroom Parents Coordinator.

If my child stays for lunch, how much time to they have to eat?

Answer: There is a general schedule for lunch where children eat according to grade level. There are 3 lunch periods of 20 minutes each as follows:

1st 12:00-12:20
2nd 12:20-12:40

Children may stay in the lunchroom if they need more time to finish.

If my child stays for lunch, what do they do when they are not eating?

Answer: Children go outside for recess as much as possible. They may stay inside due to inclement weather. This is decided by Ms. Nelson. During the winter months there are a variety of lunchtime clubs available to keep children busy. Some clubs include Chess Club, BINGO, Legos, Drawing and Fitness Club etc.. Flyers are sent home in December for Session 1 sign up and in January for Session 2 sign up.

Is there anyone to help my child at the drop off?

Answer: An employee of the school district is at the drop off/pick up location from 8:30 am to 9:00 am, 11:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., 12:30 to 12:45 p.m. and 3:20 p.m. to 3:50p.m. A fifth grade safety is also available to help kindergarteners get from the drop off to the school.

What can my child do for lunch?

Answer: All children have the option of going home for lunch or staying at school. There is a cafeteria at the school so children may buy or bring their lunch own lunch. Milk and juice are available to purchase individually. On Tuesdays children may purchase a choice of a "healthy" snack and on Thursdays they may purchase an ice cream dessert.

What do my PTA dues support?

Answer: The WES PTA dues support our efforts to provide programs for our children at WES and in meeting our obligations to local, state and national PTA, including support for the Georgia Pogue Scholarship. Some programs we provide are Cultural Arts assemblies throughout the school year, support for Field Trips and learning materials for within the school.

What holiday parties do they celebrate in my children’s classroom?

Answer: The homeroom parents for each classroom organize three holiday parties each year: Halloween, Holiday (December), and Valentine’s Day. The dates and times for each party are listed on the Mt. Lebanon School District Calendar. Look for the “WES” designation on the calendar in October, December and February to find the date and time of our parties.

What is a homeroom parent and how can I become one?

Answer: A homeroom parent is any parent of a child in each homeroom who desires to volunteer to assist with the needs of that homeroom in planning parties, accompanying students on field trips, and assisting as requested by the homeroom teacher. There is a homeroom parent coordinator for each homeroom who organizes the homeroom parent activities and obtains volunteers for student events such as the PTA’s Winter Carnival. To volunteer to be the homeroom parent coordinator or a homeroom parent, contact the Homeroom Parents Chairperson(s):

What is Camp Lutherlyn?

Answer: Camp Lutherlyn is a camp located 40 miles north of Pittsburgh between Butler and Prospect, Pennsylvania. WES Fifth (5th) graders take a two-day but not overnight field trip to the camp focusing on science, math, and social studies curricular areas. Team building activities are infused throughout the experience. The trip to Camp Lutherlyn is funded by the PTA, the 5th Grade Store, and if necessary, parent support.

What is my child allowed to bring to school to celebrate their birthday?

Answer: Washington Elementary School supports the District Wellness Policy. Consequently, only non-edible treats may be given out in honor of your child’s birthday. Some suggestions include: stickers, tattoos, pencils, markers, erasers, bookmarks, chalk or inexpensive toys from the dollar store, catalogs or on web sites. Due to dietary concerns noted in the Wellness Policy, vouchers for edible items (such as DiNardo’s Candy Certificates or Ice Cream Certificates) are not permitted.

What is Safewalk?

Answer: As Mt. Lebanon is a walking school District with the majority of our elementary students walking to school, Safewalk was designed as a home to school safety check to ensure that your children arrived at school and to their classroom once in the building. Safe walking route maps are provided and crossing guard locations are noted with recommended walking routes for your child to follow to and from school.

What is the Angel Fund?

Answer: The Angel Fund is a budgeted amount of PTA funds designated for use at the discretion of the Principal of Washington Elementary School to assist students in need of items necessary for daily school activities.

What is My School Anywhere?


What is the Georgia Pogue Scholarship?

Answer: The Georgia Pogue Scholarship is named in honor of the late Georgia Pogue, a high school guidance counselor. The scholarship is awarded annually to seven (7) graduating seniors who have significantly improved their academic performance during their high school career. High school administrators, faculty, and/or staff nominate these students for the scholarship. For more information, please refer to the PTA tab on the Mt. Lebanon School District website. LINK

What is the party fund?

Answer: At the beginning of each year, parents are asked to voluntarily donate to the Homeroom Party Fund as part of the PTA Consolidated Fee Form. We suggest $5 for each student if you wish to donate. This creates a fund for homeroom parents to use to plan the three parties. Each homeroom parent coordinator is given the amount available to be spent for parties. Parents planning the parties are asked to turn in their expense receipts within two (2) weeks of the party for reimbursement from the party fund. Any funds left at the end of the year are contributed to an area of Washington Elementary School that benefits all students.

What is the Washington PTA?

Answer: The Washington Elementary PTA (“WES PTA”) is a local non-profit that serves as a way for parents and teachers to come together to enhance our children’s educational experiences.

We choose programs and activities that address the needs of the children attending Washington Elementary School.

The WES PTA also belongs to Regional, State and National PTAs that provide us with an organizational framework, programs and support.

What is the Washington Scholarship Fund?

Answer: The Washington Scholarship Fund is a scholarship started by the Washington Teachers and Staff to be given annually to a graduating Mt. Lebanon High School Student who is a Washington Elementary alumnus. The WES Faculty and Staff welcome donations to this fund in lieu of holiday or year-end thank you gifts. A committee of Washington Elementary Teachers determines the recipient of the annual scholarship. You can honor your children’s teachers or anyone special by donating in their name to the Washington Scholarship Fund. Make your check payable to Mt. Lebanon School District, and in the memo line add Washington Elementary School Scholarship Fund. There is a labeled box in the front office to collect donations. Be sure to indicate who you are honoring by using the below form link and placing it with your donation. Gift Ideas Flyer

What is the Washington Weekly News and how do I receive it?

Answer: The Washington Weekly News (“WWN”) is the PTA’s weekly newsletter published every Wednesday. It contains information about upcoming school and community events, noteworthy school news such as welcoming new students or teacher interviews, and PTA programs. You need not be a PTA member to obtain a copy of the WWN. Contact our corresponding secretary to be added to the e-mail list:

Corresponding Secretary - Soncerae Yeager

When are PTA meetings?

Answer: The WES PTA meetings usually occur on the third Wednesday of each month. The times for the meetings alternate between morning (9:00 a.m.) and evening (7:00 p.m.) in an attempt to accommodate differing family schedules. The meetings are usually held in either the WES Cafeteria or the Auditorium. Exact dates and times are listed in the Mt. Lebanon School District Calendar (look for “WES”) or on the WES PTA Important Dates List.

Where can I drop my child off for school?

Answer: If you are driving to drop off or pick up your child from school you can do so at the designated Go Zone in back of the building on Lawncroft Drive. Please remain in your car and ask your child to exit via the passenger side door. If you are not using the designated zone, please park in a metered parking place to pick up your child. There is no parking in the Go Zone from 8-9am and from 3-4pm. Do not stop in front of the school at any time to drop off or pick up your child. It is illegal to do so.

Who can attend PTA meetings?

Answer: We invite any adult interested in promoting our efforts to continue and improve upon our programs at Washington Elementary to attend the PTA meetings. However, you must join the PTA in order to obtain voting privileges.

Who can join the PTA?

Answer: We invite adults involved in the lives of one of our students at Washington Elementary to participate in PTA. We welcome mothers, fathers, teachers, school administrators, grandparents, mentors, foster parents, and other caregivers. By getting involved with PTA, the child who benefits most is one’s own.

Who do I contact if my High School student would like to volunteer at Washington Elementary for community service hours?

Answer: Please contact the Volunteer Coordinators Joelle Schult or Jen Hetz to obtain information about volunteer opportunities to fulfill High School community service requirements.

Who should I contact if I am interested in serving as an officer on the PTA Executive Board?

Answer: Nominations for positions on the PTA Executive Board are taken annually. A nominating committee is formed in November of each year. Their contact information is published in the Washington Weekly News and frequent calls for interested persons are published in the WWN. Contact the nominating committee chairperson at that time to formally express your interest. At any other time, feel free to discuss the Executive Board position you are interested in with the person currently holding that position in order to learn more about it.

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