The following links are used with frequency by our elementary students both inside and outside the classroom.


VoiceThreadPearsonSuccessNetTCI Social Studies TextbookThink Central Reading TextbookLexia Reading CORE5Google DriveMAPCLEVER


The Art ZoneModern ArtJackson PollockHaring Kids


Mrs. PKidsReadsInternational Children's Digital LibraryBook Wink

Digital Citizenship

The Mt. Lebanon School district is proud to offer lessons in Digital Citizenship to students in grades 1-8. We have partnered with Common Sense Media to implement a curriculum that focuses on safety, fair use, digital footprints and cyberbullying.


Family tip sheets are available at


Discovery KidsLearningPlanetCloudy with a Chance of MeatballsBloxorzPigeon's Hot Dog GameFunbrain


BAM! Body and MindScrub ClubChooseMyPlateMyPyramidKids' Station

Language Arts

Story Line OnlineLexia Reading CORE5StarfallRead LiveSpelling City


Follett Mt. Lebo Public Library Academic Kids Pics4Learning BritannicaSchool Smartmedia CIA National Geographic Kids Animal Fact Guide Kids Click!
Power Library Foster Power Library Hoover Power Library Howe Power Library Jefferson Power Library Lincoln Power Library Markham Power Library Washington


Reflex MathInvestigationsIXLMap MathPearsonSuccessNetQuizShow SELiteThat's a FactSpaceyMathXCoolMath4KidshaelmediaXtraMath

Dreambox Learning


Pittsburgh Symphony OrchestraDSO KidsChuck VanderchuckQuaver's marvelous world of musicNew York Philharmonic KidzoneSFS KidsMusictheory


Follell DestinyAsk KidsYahoo KidsGoTime for KidsQuinturq kidsMLPLAsk Here PA


Discovery EducationLifeThe Weather Channel Kids!Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG AquariumNASA Kids' Club

Social Studies

TCI Social Studies TextbookUSA StatesMyWonderfulWorldGoogle MapsUS Mint for Kids


Rock A LinguaOnline Free SpanishDigital DialectsSheppard Software

Technology Education


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