Every PTA depends on it's parents to provide quality programs for
the students. Foster is fortunate to have many dedicated volunteer
Committee Chairs to oversee many fun, educational, and entertaining
events. Descriptions of our current committees are listed below. If you are
interested in chairing a committee, or even just assisting with an event,
contact a member of the Executive Board.

2018-2019 Committee Chairs

Foster Elementary PTA 2018-2019
Committee Chairs
Executive Board
President Cara Wetzel 973-476-7160
First Vice President Kimberly Prete 412-401-8332
Second Vice President Jason Ramsey, Principal 412-344-2162
Recording Secretary Kelly Koslow 412-889-4006
Treasurer Priya Sukumaran 412-848-8720
Historian Danika Lagorio 412-667-9962
PTA Committee Chairs
Art Night Katie Switzer - Art Teacher
Dovey Alexander 412-212-8688
Shikha Banka 412-708-0151
Stephanie Hasselwander 412-298-1979
Arts in Education-Reflections Courtney Montgomery 412-496-2670
Audit Teresa Cameron 412-523-1484
Tamara Keough 323-876-7279
Kevin Meehan 412-580-7573
BFF / Olweus Cara Wetzel 973-476-7160
Megan Murphy 412-477-1603
Book Fair Mariruth Leftwich 614-602-9607
Danika Lagoria 412-667-9962
Starr Hackwelder 724-504-4578
Breakfast w/ Someone Special Kimberly Prete 412-401-8332
Amanda Nzambi 412-916-5066
Butterfly Garden Mariruth Leftwich 614-602-9607
Starr Hackwelder 724-504-4578
By-Laws Kimberly Prete 412-401-8332
Coffee & Conversation Cara Wetzel 973-476-7160
Coffee & Kleenex Caroline Boisvert 908-477-3010
Kim Gullo 412-400-1091
Community Service Margaret Hamilton 412-344-0422
Rebecca Senneway 412-999-3914
Courtney Montgomery 412-496-2670
Sarah Duncan 412-563-1852
Council Delegate Danika Longorio 412-667-9962
Corporate Rewards Dovey Alexander 412-212-8688
Cultural Arts Sarah Everhart 412-445-7636
Megan Murphy 412-477-1603
Jason Ramsey 412-344-2162
Directory Danika Lagorio 412-667-9962
Election Day Bake Sale Cara Wetzel 973-476-7160
Emily Drizos 412-726-2608
Meredith Warhola 412-848-7971
Environmental Volker Schmid 412-848-8720
Family Picnic Rebecca Matheus 412-343-3706
Kimberly Prete 412-401-8332
Field Day Rebecca Matheus 412-343-3706
Jenn Rick 412-427-67-45
Greg Kellerman 724-355-5761
Fifth Grade Sendoff Melissa Bailey 412-341-0320
Diane Rattay 412-913-1161
Rebecca Senneway 412-999-3914
Laura Nichols 412-512-5493
Foster Forecast Priya Sukumaran 412-848-8720
Kristen Vella 412-253-7413
Foster Friend Emily Schmitt 412-341-1105
Priya Sukumaran 412-848-8720
Katy Bruno 412-691-0621
Food Sales Megan Murphy 412-477-1603
Laura Nichols 412-512-5493
John Carlins 412-613-0690
Habitat Volker Schmid 412-848-8720
Health & Safety Melanie Driscoll 412-344-0178
Holiday Hut Trisha Kerstetter 412-818-8347
Sarah Everhart 412-445-7636
Shivika Asthana 617-905-4264
Michele Napierkowski 404-556-7054
Homeroom Parents Monica Zoet 304-281-5875
Hospitality Cara Wetzel 973-476-7160
International Night Rebecca Matheus 412-343-3706
Shivika Asthana 617-905-4264
Gina Kilpela 412-563-0803
Mrs, Conte
Jr. Great Books Melissa Bailey 412-341-0320
Sarah Duncan 412-563-1852
Starr Hackwelder 724-504-4578
Juvenile Protection Diane Rattay 412-913-1161
Kids of Steel Rebecca Matheus 412-343-3706
Kindergarten Orientation Kim Gullo 412-400-1091
Library Initiative Emily Schmitt 412-889-3429
Lunchtime Clubs Priya Sukumaran 412-848-8720
Membership Anne Atwood 646-712-0633
New Families Diane Rattay 412-913-1161
Odyssey of the Mind Danika Lagorio 412-667-9962
Open House Jill Stroh 412-390-6010
Operation Sweet Emily Schmitt 412-341-1105
Priya Sukumaran 412-848-8720
Parent Education Kimberly Prete 412-401-8332
Read-a-Thon Gina Kilpela 412-370-0075
Mariruth Leftwich 614-602-9607
Stephanie Hasselwander 412-298-1979
School in the Park Sarah Duncan 412-563-1852
School Pictures Heidi Walsh 412-344-4609
Science Fair Dovey Alexander 412-212-8688
Shikha Banka 412-708-0151
Rebecca Matheus 412-343-3706
Staff Appreciation Kimberly Prete 412-401-8332
Priya Sukumaran 412-848-8720
Kristen Vella 412-253-7413
Kelly Koslow 412-889-4006
Holly Devlin 724-747-0591
Traveling Art Gallery Melissa Bailey 412-341-0320
Sarah Duncan 412-563-1852
Monica Zoet 304-281-5875
Variety Show Melissa Bailey 412-341-0320
Sarah Everhart 412-445-7636
Jeff Shilling 412-387-7166
Veteran’s Day Danika Lagorio 412-667-9962
Katy Bruno 412-341-1008
Min Leamon

Ways & Means Kimberly Prete 412-401-8332
Website (PTA) Diane Rattay 412-913-1161
Cara Wetzel 973-476-7160
Yearbook Diane Rattay 412-913-1161
Katy Bruno 412-341-1008
Kelly Koslow 412-889-4006
Sarah Carlins 412-401-7441
Yearbook Photographer Diane Rattay 412-913-1161

Art Night

Coordinate with the art teacher to organize a one-night display of students’ work.

Arts in Education - Reflections

Publicize National Arts in Education (Reflections) contest in October and November. Instruct participating students on rules and hold creative workshops for students at conference time. Find volunteer judges and follow works through district and state contests, culminating in awards luncheon in the spring.


Book Fair

Coordinate with Scholastic Books and Librarian.

Breakfast with Someone Special

Butterfly Garden

Plant and maintain garden.


Responsible for revising and amending Bylaws according to the Guidelines provided by the State Office.

Coffee and Conversation

Host morning gathering for parents of grades 1-5 students on the first day of school. Current president to host.

Coffee and Kleenex

Host morning and afternoon gatherings for Kindergarten parents on their first day of school. Current Kindergarten parent to host.

Community Service

Shall provide character building and educational experiences under which students learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service experiences that meet actual community needs and are coordinated with district, school and community.

Corporate Rewards

Organize collected cell phones, ink cartridges, Campbell’s labels and box tops, and redeem. Monitor Target and Giant Eagle rewards. Keep track of income.

Cultural Arts

This committee, with at least 3 members, shall coordinate the scheduling of enrichment assemblies/programs. Shall meet with the principal and the PTA president.

Delegate to PTA Council

Delegate to PTA Council

Diane Rattay

This position is appointed by the current FES PTA President. (S)He attends all monthly PTA Council meetings, and reports any pertinent information back to the monthly meeting. Announcements and invitations are to be made in the newsletter, informing members of upcoming meetings and events.


Shall solicit each family to obtain name, address, phone number, and email information; obtain permission to publish the information; then publish and distribute directory once per year. N. Electronic

Election Day Bake Sale

Coordinate donated baked goods and staff table on Election Day.


Shall develop a channel of communication between the PTA and the school regarding environmental issues and policies, and initiate environmental programs.

Family Picnic

Plan games, music, and dancing for Foster families for the first available Friday evening in August or September.

Field Day

With Physical Education teacher, coordinate a whole day of activities in June.

Foster Forecast

Shall serve as co-editor of the online school newsletter, which includes school information, PTA news, and occasional articles. Also sends email blasts when necessary.

Foster Friend

Form committee to evaluate nominations. Make presentations at end-of-year ceremony. Committee of at least 3, in addition to a teacher representative.

Friday Food Sales

Purchase and coordinate selling of Friday after-school treats.


Maintain and develop habitat and trail.

Health and Safety

Chair shall coordinate and oversee committee to direct activities connected to annual Foster Health and Safety Week, including but not limited to: visit by Mt. Lebanon Police Officers to

Foster School to discuss walking safety/general child safety issues; showing or updating of Foster School Safety Video (work under guidance of Juvenile Protection Committee chair); distribution of traffic safety flyers to motorists dropping off/picking up in front of Foster School; respond to parent concerns on safety issues and pass on relevant issues to current Juvenile Protection Committee chair; and coordinate with physical education teacher on fitness/health challenge to take place during Health/Safety Week, (e.g., “The Count Your Miles Challenge”).

Holiday Hut

Purchase/Craft goods, price, and display for sale, staff tables, and total final payments.

Homeroom Parents

Chairperson(s) shall solicit volunteers to serve as homeroom parents and select one homeroom coordinator for each class. Chairperson(s) shall communicate to volunteers, information regarding class parties, field trips, projects, etc…usually in a meeting held during the Fall. The homeroom coordinators meet with classroom teacher to discuss specific class needs and communicate any necessary information to the homeroom parents for their class. Homeroom parents select parents to coordinate classroom parties.


Shall provide refreshments as needed at PTA functions throughout the year, with the help of volunteers.

Junior Great Books

Shall follow National Great Books Foundation Guidelines; organize program, train volunteers, and register students to conduct shared inquiry book discussion for grades 2-5.

Juvenile Protection

Shall coordinate PTA juvenile protection concerns with appropriate school district and municipal personnel.

Kindergarten Orientation

Provide packets and nametags for new kindergarten families in conjunction with the office. Assist teachers at morning and afternoon sessions.

Lunchtime Clubs

Find parent volunteers to host lunch hour activities. Activities begin in January and run for 6 consecutive weeks.


Shall coordinate the membership drive for the Stephen C. Foster PTA. Shall keep records of |PTA memberships and collect dues.

Mixed Bags Fundraiser

Coordinate and implement a fundraiser through the Mixed Bags vendor.

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind – Organize teams for local and state competitions.

Open House

Organize donations of cookies and cider for reception and schedule volunteers.

Parent Education

The First Vice President shall chair and assist the PTA Council in establishing programs on parent education for the district as needed. Shall provide parents with information on issues affecting education or parenting.


Organize and implement a ReadAThon during which students set and attempt to reach individual and school-wide reading goals. Students may choose to collect donations and/or sponsorships as part of this annual fundraiser.

Sarris Candy Fundraiser

Coordinate and implement a fundraiser through the Sarris Candy vendor.

School in the Park

Find third grade parent volunteers and supervise day in Bird Park. Parents of next year’s 3rd graders to chair.

School Pictures

Contact photographer, set date, send and collect order forms. Coordinate with secretary for classes to go outside to be photographed.

Science Fair

Distribute information to children, hold introductory meeting and coordinate events, held one evening in March.

Staff Appreciation

Provide luncheon for teachers and coordinate student-generated appreciation activities.

Travelling Art Gallery

Coordinate parent volunteers to present artworks and artists to each class two times per year.

Variety Show

Schedule, secure facility reservation, organize and implement Variety Show

Veteran's Day

Plan with local Boy/Girl Scout troops for flag ceremony in November. Invite local veterans to be recognized. Coordinate with principal for band/choral interest.

Ways and Means

The First Vice President shall chair this committee and evaluate proposed fundraising activities for the support of the PTA’s programs and projects.

Website (PTA)

Update and maintain the Foster PTA website.


Supervise committee to acquire photos, design, sell and distribute yearbook.

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