• Lincoln Elementary 2019-2020 PTA Committees

Our committees coordinate and make so many wonderful things happen at Lincoln! From the 2015-16 school year forward, each committee has been assigned a Board liaison who can answer questions for new committee chairs, serve as a resource, and communicate questions or concerns about your committee's activity to the Board or PTA membership generally as necessary.

Please contact committee chairs or the PTA 3rd Vice President if you are interested in volunteering and don't know who to contact or how to contact them.


Committee Chair: AMANDA BABST

This committee typically consists of just the current PTA President who conveys changes to the bylaws required by the Pennsylvania PTA to the Lincoln PTA membership. When the Lincoln PTA reviews and/or revises its own local unit bylaws, the current PTA president may form a committee as necessary to complete this task. Bylaws are reviewed at a minimum every five years.

Community Service

Committee Chair: T.B.D.
BOARD LIAISON: Recording Secretary

This committee selects community service projects for the school throughout the school year.

Volunteer Opportunities: Be part of a planning committee to plan and run schoolwide community service projects.

Corporate Rewards - Giant Eagle / Box Tops / Office Depot Supplies

Committee Chair: Erica Rowles

BOARD LIAISON: Third Vice President

You know you’ve seen those little pink squares on many of the products you already buy. They are Box Tops and worth money to our school! Save them and send them in with your student. Collection boxes are located in the hallway just outside the office. Twice a year the chairperson of this committee sends the Box Tops in and in return Lincoln gets TEN CENTS per Box Top! This is cash for the Lincoln PTA! Apples for Students only requires a one time sign up on Giant Eagle’s website and each time you use your Giant Eagle Advantage Card Lincoln gets points which can be redeemed for great equipment for the school.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are needed to help count and prepare BoxTops for mailing.

Cultural Arts

Committee Chair: Cate Albu

This committee helps select the cultural arts groups that will perform at typically 3-4 assemblies for the students during the year. These assemblies are funded by the Lincoln PTA.

Volunteer Opportunities: Typically, these responsibilities are completed by the chairperson alone. As needed, a chairperson can create a committee or work with a co-chair for any help if they wish to do so.


Committee Chair: anne lahoda

Description T.BD.

Volunteer Opportunities: T.B.D.

Grand Finale

Committee Chair: amy shannon spector

Held every Spring on the last Friday of the school year. Description T.B.D.

Volunteer Opportunities: T.B.D.

Fifth Grade Farewell

Committee Chairs: Amy shannon spector, nicole mayer, kathy lederman and mary beth mCnamee

This committee organizes special events for fifth graders as they finish their time at Lincoln. The committee is also responsible for raising the funds needed to pay for the activities. Typically, there are sub-committee chairs for each piece or event to help the Committee Chair.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Organize pretzel sales and Chipotle nights
  • Plan Pool Party
  • Field Day
  • Help create 5th grade Memory Book
  • Post clap-out events (last day of school)

Frosty Shop

  1. Committee Chair: Tiffini Marucci

A holiday shopping spree for the students held in December! A committee of PTA elves work year round buying and making items to be purchased by the kids as gifts for the holidays. This committee needs many volunteers leading up to and on the day of the event. A form will be sent home for you to fill out indicating whom your child should buy for and how much they are allowed to spend. You are welcome to come and shop with your child during their designated time. Frosty is also open after school for parents to shop.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Work on projects (Sept. – Nov.)
  • Help set-up for Frosty Shop (Dec 8)
  • Staff a shift the day of Frosty Shop


Committee Chair: Sam SMith

This event, which takes place during two weeks early in the Fall, is Lincoln's primary annual fundraiser. Prior to the event, the committee chair and co-chairs are responsible for establishing a Read-a-thon theme (or alternative major fundraiser idea) and coordinating with the principal to communicate with teachers, students, and families via school assemblies (you do not have to participate in these if it's not your thing!), decorating a hallway bulletin board, and distributing take-home flyers. The committee also secures daily and end-of-event prizes to encourage student participation. During the two week fundraiser itself, this committee meets daily to calculate minutes read by students and choose prize winners. In the week(s) following the fundraiser, this committee is responsible for collection and recording of money raised.

Volunteer Opportunities: Typically, these responsibilities are completed by the co-chairs alone. As needed, the co-chairs can create a committee for any help if they wish to do so.

Garden Education

Committee Chair: T.B.D.
BOARD LIAISON: Third Vice President

This committee will work in conjunction with the principal, head custodian and teacher representatives several times a year to coordinate school wide efforts and participation in this project.

Volunteer Opportunities: Typically, these responsibilities are completed by the chairperson alone. As needed, a chairperson can create a committee or work with a co-chair for any help if they wish to do so.

Garden Maintenance

Committee Chair: T.B.D.
BOARD LIAISON: Third Vice President

This committee is responsible for soliciting and organizing parents to care for the PTA school garden.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Help maintain and plan future gardens around school.
  • Water the garden over the summer.

Health and Safety

Committee Chair: T.B.D.
BOARD LIAISON: Recording Secretary

This committee works with Mr. Yannascoli on various community service minded P.E. activities such as “Hoops for Heart.” They also coordinate Walk to School Weeks & other health and safety related events at Lincoln.

Volunteer Opportunities: Help coordinate and organize Walk To School Weeks & other health and safety related events at Lincoln.

Homeroom Parent Coordinators

Committee Chair: becky loughney and Annie lahoda

The PTA has two parents who serve as Homeroom Parent Coordinators. One is for grades K-2 and the other for grades 3-5. These volunteers have the job of selecting the homeroom parent for all of the classes in each grade. First time volunteers are given preference over parents who have already been a homeroom parent in the past for that child. The classroom homeroom parent acts as a liaison between the teacher and the other classroom parents. They solicit volunteers to help with classroom parties, staff field trips, help with Mardi Gras, and provide the teacher with any additional requested classroom support.

Volunteer Opportunities: Being a homeroom coordinator for your child's class. Look for an announcement at the beginning of each school year for details on how to sign up if you are interested.


BOARD LIAISON: First Vice President

Hospitality provides refreshments and runs the Family Picnic and Ice Cream Social. The family picnic is a fun family event and opportunity fun family to meet other Lincoln parents. Bring a picnic dinner (or visit one of the food trucks we arrange to come), a blanket to sit on and enjoy a variety of entertainment. Weather permitting this is an outdoor event. The ice cream social is held at the end of every school year. It is a fun event for the whole family to enjoy. The students are encouraged to bring their yearbooks to the Lincoln playground while they’re enjoying their ice cream.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Help set up, serve refreshments, clean up at the Family Picnic or Ice Cream Social.
  • Help set up and serve refreshments at PTA meetings and coffees.

Juvenile Protection

Committee Chair: Tracy Adams
BOARD LIAISON: Second Vice President

If you have safety concerns about your child’s route to school or other issues involving the safety of our children, you are encouraged to contact this committee chair. During the year you will receive a survey asking about the safety of your child’s route and any other issues that you may be concerned about regarding traffic, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities: Help coordinate PTA juvenile protection concerns with the school district and municipal personnel.

Kindergarten Events

Committee Chairs: lorraine may and shelagh milburn

Kindergarten Events includes Orientation, Popsicle Playdate, and Coffee & Kleenex. This committee helps with Orientation in the spring and Popscile Playdate the week before school starts for incoming Kindergarten students and their parents.They also help with the Coffee & Kleenex on the first day of Kindergarten.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Help set up, check in families at Orientation
  • Set up Kindergarten Coffeee and Kleenex (First Day of Kindergarten)
  • Help with Popsicle Playdate (mid- to late-August)

Lunchtime Clubs

  1. Committee Chair: Erin Davies

This committee coordinates the lunchtime program for students in grades 1-5. Parents are asked to volunteer their time and skills to run a club. The clubs take place after the Winter Break and meet once a week for a 4-6 week period. The committee organizes room assignments with the principal and coordinates the student sign up process.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Run a lunchtime club for students
  • Assist with a lunchtime club for students

Mardi Gras

Committee Chair: emily nalitz

An all day carnival held on a Saturday in February. The kids love this event and it is suitable for all ages. This is another event that requires many volunteers. Volunteers are needed to do everything from heading subcommittees to working games the day of the event. There are carnival games, a cake walk, the Mardi Gras Parade, food, a silent auction, and various other types of entertainment. Each year it’s a bit different, but it’s always a great day for the family to come to Lincoln and have some fun.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Serve on planning committee
  • Chair a sub-committee

Membership & Directory

Committee Chair: anne lahoda
BOARD LIAISON: Corresponding Secretary

All parents are encouraged to join the PTA each year. The Membership drive kicks off in September and your membership card is good for one year. Joining the PTA shows your support for all of the programs the PTA sponsors! In order to vote at PTA meetings, you must be a member. Finally, the PTA puts together a printed school directory each year. The committee chair coordinates gathering new family information, confirming current family information, creating the format, arranging for the printing of the directory, and distributing the directory. Each current PTA member receives a copy of the directory as a membership benefit. (For example, if both parents are members a family would receive two copies of the directory if they wish.) The directory should be distributed by October. This committee is busy from mid-August through September and then has very little activity throughout the year after the initial membership drive and directory distribution.

Volunteer Opportunities: Typically, these responsibilities are completed by the chairperson alone. As needed, a chairperson can create a committee or work with a co-chair for any help if they wish to do so.

New Family Buddies / Orientation

Committee Chairs: ashlee diomataris and laura young

Imagine the first day at a new school. Wouldn't it be great if you knew you would see a familiar face? Here at Lincoln we are going to do just that. We have a buddy program to match new students with a buddy or two for the first few weeks of school. This committee welcomes new families to the Lincoln community and helps with New Family Orientation.

Volunteer Opportunities: Help to welcome new students and families to Lincoln throughout the year.

Maker Space



Description T.B.D.

Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Organizing the Maker Space throughout the year

Scholastic Book Club


BOARD LIAISON: Recording Secretary

Each month your child will receive a brochure from Scholastic with age appropriate books that can be purchased. Books are delivered to the classroom.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Distribute monthly book sale forms
  • Place and distribute orders

Scholastic Book Fair

Committee Chair: cate albu

This year Lincoln will sponsor two book fairs, one in the spring and one in the fall. The book fair raises money for the librarian to purchase books and other materials for the library. Students go to the Book Fair during their scheduled Library class. The Book Fair also has after school and evening hours. Parents are welcome to attend the book fair with their child, or send money in an envelope with spending instructions. Volunteers for this event are always welcome! Teachers and staff create wish lists for their classrooms and students are invited to purchase books from the lists as a gift to the classroom. To/From Stickers are provided for the student to put in the book before presenting it to the teacher.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Help with setup or cleanup
  • Staff a shift during school hours
  • Staff an evening shift (See district calendar. Fairs are typically in November & February.)

School Supplies

Committee Chairs: erin gentzel and CHRISTI schoen


In the spring, work with the principal to coordinate a program with Office Depot through which parents can order a set of school supplies for each child that will await them at school on the first day. Parents avoid having to shop for the list themselves; Office Depot donates a portion of the sales to the PTA.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Help distributing list and signup forms
  • Help assembling kits over summer

Science Fair

Committee Chairs: Maggie Frey and shelly burr

Each year Lincoln holds a Science Fair for grades 2 thru 5 in March. Look for announcements typically in January for how to participate.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Help plan and coordinate
  • Organize food for the evening
  • Help with check in

Skating Party

Committee Chair: tracy adams
BOARD LIAISON: Third Vice President

A Skating Party is held on Election Day at the Recreation Center Ice Rink since the students do not have school.

Volunteer Opportunities: Organize a skating party at Mt. Lebanon rink.

Spelling Bee

COMMITTEE CHAIR: reenie kuhlman

The Spelling Bee committee organizes the annual Spelling Bee at Lincoln for 4th and 5th graders that occurs after the Winter Break. Before the break, they work with the principal to develop the process and guidelines for the student participation, in particular how the individual classroom spelling bees that comprise the first round will work. The committee organizes the second round which is held in the gym on an evening in February.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Typically, these responsibilities are completed by the chairperson alone. As needed, a chairperson can create a committee or work with a co-chair for any help if they wish to do so.

Spiritwear Sales

Committe Chair: tbd
BOARD LIAISON: Second Vice President

Lincoln PTA organizes a Spiritwear sale every year in which students can buy Lincoln and LEBO gear. A portion of the sales goes to the PTA.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Organize spirit wear orders
  • Help sort and deliver items

Staff Appreciation Dinner

Committee Chair: Missy Szefi

Held during a week in May, we have events to benefit both staff and teachers. All non-teaching staff are invited to a homemade dinner to show our appreciation for all they do for us. Information will be sent out in April with opportunities to volunteer or donate items.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Prepare a dish for the staff appreciation dinner
  • Help serve food and beverages

Talent Show

Committee Chairs: susie shoemaker

Held in March, this is a fun way for our children to showcase their talents. Drummers, guitar players, dancers and more!

Volunteer Opportunities: Help organize and run student talent show.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Committee Chair: erin gentzel

Held during a week in May, we have events to benefit both staff and teachers. For teachers, families donate food, purchase carnations, write notes of appreciation and donate school supplies. Information will be sent out in April with opportunities to volunteer or donate items.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Help plan and run various activities for the teachers/staff at Lincoln.
  • Donate food items for teacher breakfast
  • Set-up/clean-up breakfast & lunch provided for teachers.

Teacher Representatives

Mrs. kathryn seiferth and mrs. sarah o'shea

Two Lincoln teachers attend PTA meetings to convey information between the PTA membership and the teachers.


Committee Chair: Carina Perilman

The Yearbook staff is made up of PTA volunteers who work all year to put together a book that the students cherish. This committee needs volunteers from each grade level to take candid photos throughout the year and help with layout of the pages. Forms for ordering a Yearbook will come home in September. Yearbook distribution in June is always an end of the year highlight! Copies of previous Yearbooks are available to look at in the office and the library.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Take photos for the yearbook.
  • Help layout pages for yearbook
  • Be a homeroom coordinator of photos and class information for yearbook.
  • Help organize yearbook orders

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