2017-2018 Markham PTA Committees

All Chairperson Contacts

Art Show Megan Bigham meganbigham@gmail.com
Book Fair Stephanie Incorvati incorvati@verizon.net
Bylaws Tracy Paul t_paul2@yahoo.com
Community Service Linda Harrold leharrold@gmail.com
Community Service Moria Aulbach moiraaulbach@gmail.com
Corporate Rewards Erin Drozda erindrozda@yahoo.com
Cultural Arts Tracy Tinnemeyer ttinnemeyer@gmail.com
Election Day Bake Sale Julie Connolly julielynnconnolly@gmail.com
Election Day Bake Sale Mandy Mitchell shultzmitchell@gmail.com
Election Day Bake Sale Ediri Montoya eorife@yahoo.com
Environmental Concerns Kari Resler reslerkj@hotmail.com
Event Fund Manager Mary Byrne momalleybyrne@yahoo.com
Field Day Moira Aulbach moiraaulbach@gmail.com
Gym Liaison Julie Baych julieslucie@gmail.com
Holiday Fair Julie Baych julieslucie@gmail.com
Holiday Fair Laurie Vota laurievota@gmail.com
Ice Cream Social Tricia Keen triciakeen1@gmail.com
Ice Skating Party Deb Gill deborah.gill@yahoo.com
Juvenile Protection

Kindergarten Popsicle Playdate Corby Larocca cjlarocca@gmail.com
Kindergarten Orientation Shelley Pieklik swpieklik@gmail.com
Landscape/Playground Carrie Andre carrie.l.andre@gmail.com
Library Support Sarah Miller Sargarb@aol.com
Markham Circle Breakfast Ann Bozick bozick.ann@gmail.com
Markham Event Photographer Amy Bader amy.bader@gmail.com
Markham's Got Talent Amy Bader amy.bader@gmail.com
Markham's Got Talent Tiffany Duffy tduffy2@yahoo.com
Markham Magic Kristin Darcy ksdarcy@hotmail.com
Markham Messenger Co-Editors Julie Connolly julielynnconnolly@gmail.com
Markham Messenger Co-Editors Michelle Markowitz mrm0530@gmail.com
Markham Messenger Co-Editors Gillian Stohner gilliansto@comcast.net
Membership Hollie DeLuca hlbednar@yahoo.com
Memory Book Patrish Dobosh
Movie Night Tracy Paul amyrob99@verizon.net
Newcomers (Human Relations) Christa Smith Christa9840@gmail.com
Odyssey of the Mind Cara Williams misscarawilliams2@verizon.net
Parent Education Sue Galeone sue.galeone@gmail.com
Picture Day Melinda Berdyck berdycks0825@msn.com
Read-A-Thon Angela DePlato angela.deplato@gmail.com
Read-A-Thon Mandy Mitchell shultzmitchell@gmail.com
Read for the Record Marcie Eberhart eberhartm@ae.com
Reflections (Arts in Education) Kelley Bowen k.bowen@hotmail.com
Science Fair Jamie McGonigle jamietagone@verizon.net
Science Fair Tracy Tinnemeyer ttinnemeyer@gmail.com
Spelling Bee Kirsten Engle kirsten.engle@gmail.com
Spelling Bee Tracy London tracy.ellinwood@gmail.com
Spiritwear Marcie Eberhart eberhartm@ae.com
Staff Appreciation Toni Sorsdal thesorsdalfamily@gmail.com
Teacher Appreciation Emily Garofalo emilygarofalo@gmail.com
Teacher Appreciation - Door Decorating Corby Lacrocca cjlarocca@gmail.com
Technology / Website Sue Galeone sue.galeone@gmail.com
Technology / Website Linda Harrold leharrold@gmail.com
Welcome Back Picnic Kristen Engle kirsten.engle@gmail.com
Welcome Back Picnic Sacha Klink sachaelizabeth@yahoo.com

Grade Level Coordinator - K Stacie Carlson Stacie.vargo@gmail.com
Grade Level Coordinator - 1 Megan Baltruzak meganebaltruzak@gmail.com
Grade Level Coordinator - 2 Laurie Vota laurievota@gmail.com
Grade Level Coordinator - 3 Julie Baych julieslucie@gmail.com
Grade Level Coordinator - 4 Kelley Bowen k.bowen@hotmail.com
Grade Level Coordinator - 5 Kelly O'Brien Kobrien728@hotmail.com

The Art Show

This chairperson assists the art teacher in displaying art work for the open house (May).

Reports to Historian.

Book Fair

At the end of winter we have a Scholastic Book Fair. Students can purchase or pick books during the day and come back in the evening to shop with the rest of the family and enjoy the Markham Ice Cream Social. Students also may purchase a book selected for the classroom by the teacher. All profit from the Book Fair is taken as Scholastic Books for the Markham Library and classrooms.

Reports to Secretary.

Community Service

This chairperson organizes community service projects promoted through the PTA.

Reports to Principal.

Corporate Rewards

This chairperson collects and submits Box Tops, promotes Apples for Students, Target REDcard, etc.

Reports to Principal.

Cultural Arts

The PTA provides several cultural arts programs each year for the students. In addition, the District usually provides one program that is presented at all seven elementary schools. The programs may include music, dance, art or science-related activities. The Cultural Arts chairperson will meet with the PTA Council Cultural Arts Committee and then present ideas to the Markham Cultural Arts Committee for approval. The Committee consists of the Principal, Cultural Arts chairperson, Co-Presidents, the music teacher and a teacher representative.

Reports to Historian.

Election Day Bake Sale

The Election Day Bake Sale is one of the few PTA fundraisers each year and we need your help to maximize the impact of this popular event!

We would greatly appreciate donations of baked goods, as well as volunteers to help set up the day before the bake sale or to take a shift working at the bake sale on Election Day. In the past, the following have been top sellers:

  • Pumpkin rolls
  • Cookies
  • Brownies (no icing, please)
  • Scones
  • Pepperoni rolls
  • Quick breads (banana, cranberry, pumpkin, etc.)
  • Cupcakes
  • Donuts
  • Bottled water

Thank you for your anticipated help!

Reports to First Vice President.

Environmental Concerns

This chairperson coordinates "Walk to School Week" in October; Earth Day activities in April; other green initiatives such as recycling (Ongoing).

Reports to Third Vice President.

Event Fund Manager

This chairperson is responsible for verification, collection, and deposit of funds from PTA events (Ongoing).

Reports to Treasurer.

Field Day

This chairperson assists the Markham Staff to execute a school-wide outdoor event celebrating the end of the year (June).

Reports to Third Vice President.

Fifth Grade Field Trip

Fifth grade students at Markham Elementary participate in a field and a number of special year-end events. The funds for the field trip and events are raised by the fifth grade students and their parents, not the PTA. The school principal maintains those funds in a dedicated MTLSD account. Fifth grade is appreciative of any support for its fundraisers by the Markham community!

5th Grade Activities Coordinator/Treasurer

Fifth Grade Ice Cream Treat Sale

Ice cream treats are sold on Fridays in the MPR for $1.25 each. Ice Cream Passes are also available for purchase. Watch the Messenger for information on how to order passes. Please do not ask Mrs. Miller for the passes.

The Order Form for Ice Cream Passes can be found here.

Fifth Grade Lebo Spirit Wear Sale

In November, 5th grade will be selling Mt. Lebanon spirit wear such as socks, shirts, shorts, stadium blankets and “game day” outdoor folding chairs. More details to come.

Fifth Grade Memory Book Liaison

Please send any pictures to the 5th grade memory book chair!

Fifth Grade Restaurant Nights Fundraiser

Several fundraising nights will be planned at local restaurants. Plan to attend with your friends to combine a memory with an opportunity to support 5th grade!

Grade Level Coordinators (K-5)

Grade Level Coordinators (one per grade) work with the Homeroom Parents to organize and execute grade-level coffees at the beginning of the year; help facilitate the parent volunteer sign-up lottery at the coffees; and communicate with the teachers/parents as needed throughout the year. Grade Level Coordinators automatically become Homeroom Parents for their child's class.

Reports to Historian.

Gym Liaison

The Gym Liaison is available to help the Physical Education Teacher with any activities that may require parent volunteers or participation. A popular event is the Easter Seals fundraiser “Hop for Hope” jump rope event in the spring.

Reports to Third Vice President.

Holiday Fair

A chance for our Markham students to shop ‘til they drop. During the holiday season, we provide a store for students to purchase gifts for family and friends.

Reports to First Vice President.

Ice Cream Social

This is a wonderful Markham tradition.Come in the evening to experience the Science Fair and stop in the Multi Purpose Room to have some Ice Cream topped with whipped cream and a cherry!

Reports to Secretary.

Ice Skating Party

This chairperson organizes a school wide skating event (February).

Reports to President.

Juvenile Protection

This chairperson coordinates PTA juvenile protection concerns with appropriate school district and municipal personnel.

Reports to Principal.

Kindergarten Orientation

In the spring of each year, the incoming Kindergarten students and parents participate in an orientation event at the school. We provide light refreshments and a craft favor for the children.

Reports to Second Vice President.

Kindergarten Popsicle Playdate

This chairperson organizes a morning playdate on the Markham Playground complete with popsicles for all incoming kindergarteners before school starts.

Reports to Second Vice President.


This chairperson is responsible for coordinating grounds care and clean up of the gardens and playground.

Reports to Third Vice President.

Library Support

This chairperson assists the Librarian as necessary.

Reports to Secretary.

Markham Circle Breakfast

Start your day with your child at Markham! Students are invited to bring one special guest to school for a light breakfast and socializing with friends before they start their school day. Coffee, juice, doughnuts and bagels are provided.

Reports to Second Vice President.

Markham's Got Talent!

All lyrics and costumes must be age appropriate (i.e., intended for an elementary school audience). Lyrics will have a final approval from Dr. Freil. We strongly encourage lyrics that do not include violence or adult content. Please remember that this is a show for children of all ages. Parents are asked to please review their child’s dance/music selection before returning the registration form.

Reports to Second Vice President.

Markham Event Photographer

This chairperson photographs “school-wide” events for inclusion in the Memory Book and website.

Reports to Communications Officer.

Markham Magic

This is our much-anticipated spring carnival to cap off another great year for the kids at Markham. It is a great evening for Markham children and their families and friends with games, entertainment and food!

Reports to Third Vice President.

Markham Messenger Editors

These chairpersons are responsible for layout of the weekly Markham Messenger Newsletter using MySchoolAnywhere.

Reports to Communications Officer.

Memory Book

These chairpeople create and organize a yearbook for students that is distributed at the end of the year.

Report to the Communications Officer.

Movie Night

This chairperson coordinates the movie night event at school.

Reports to President.

Newcomers and Human Services

In August, new Markham families are invited to attend an orientation to get to know our school and our PTA. Light refreshments are provided at this event. All year, the chairperson will be in contact with any new families who move to Markham.

Reports to Second Vice President.

Odyssey of the Mind

What's Odyssey of the Mind? "Odyssey" is a fun, international creative-thinking competition. Teams of 5 to 7 kids work together to problem-solve & develop their creative talents. Odyssey provides a positive atmosphere for team-work and competition and teams meet for approximately 1 ½ hours once a week from October through March. Think of it as a sports team for the creative side of the mind.

Teams are assigned a problem in the Fall and challenged to create an 8-minute presentation with their solution. There is no “right” answer, so the more creative the better. After deciding on the solution, the team writes the script, makes the costumes, props, set, and practices its performance. All this on a limited budget and without parental help. Each team presents at a tournament at Moon High School on the 1st Saturday in March.

Be a coach and assemble a team! We can provide names of interested kids who are looking for a team. If you can't coach, we'll provide your child's name to a coach who is looking for other team members.

Visit Odyssey's National website at: www.odysseyofthemind.com/learn_more.php

Reports to Historian.

Picture Day

This chairperson assists photographer with photo sessions at school; distributes and collects order envelopes (September).

Reports to Third Vice President.


Calling all readers! Each year the Read-A-Thon takes place in the fall. Markham students in each grade will challenge each other to beat their grade level minutes read from last year. The Read-a-Thon has a 1,000 minute club, a top reader prize for each grade level along with a classroom competition to gather the most sponsors. This is one of the PTA’s BIGGEST fundraisers of the year so please encourage your child to participate in this important event for Markham!

Reports to First Vice President.

Read For the Record

This chairperson coordinates participation in the event, including advertising and managing volunteer readers (October).

Reports to Secretary.


Reflections is an arts recognition and achievement program sponsored by the National PTA. Each year, students reflect upon a new theme and share their interpretations of that theme through several artistic categories, including:

  • Visual arts
  • Photography
  • Music Composition
  • Dance Choreography
  • Film Production
  • Literature

The PTA believes all children deserve quality arts education and we encourage students to pursue artistic expression through participation in the Reflections program. Markham has historically sent students on to place at the regional and state levels. All participants are celebrated and recognized.

Reports to Historian.

Science Fair

These chairpersons (2) distributes information to children, holds introductory meeting and coordinates events, held one evening in February.

Reports to First Vice President.

Spelling Bee

Markham Elementary School participates in the Scripps National Spelling Bee program each year. Classroom spelling bees take place at the teachers' discretion and grade level bees follow conducted by Dr. Freil in December. The top spellers in Grades 4 and 5 are eligible to compete in the Annual Markham Elementary Spelling Bee that is typically held in January. The winner of the Markham Spelling Bee or the alternate (if the winner is unable to compete) will move on to the Annual Western PA Spelling Bee. Finally, the winner of the Western PA Spelling Bee will receive an all-expense paid trip to represent the region in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C., in the spring.

Reports to Secretary.


Markham Spiritwear comes in handy on “Wear Red Wednesday’s” and at any Markham event including the annual Steelers vs. Mt. Lebanon School District teachers. Order forms are available in the fall each year and items for sale typically include short and long-sleeved t-shirts, shorts, and sweatshirts.

Reports to First Vice President.

Staff Appreciation

This chairperson is responsible for acknowledging school staff on specific dates throughout the year (i.e. school crossing guard day, custodian appreciation day).

Reports to President.


The Technology/Website chairperson is responsible for the update and maintenance of our PTA Website. Remember to check the Website for the latest PTA happenings and news.

If you would like any additions or revisions to your committee's page, please email the Website Committee Chair.

Reports to Communications Officer.

Teacher Appreciation

This chairperson plans a luncheon for teachers and coordinates teacher recognition daily.

Reports to President.

Teacher Appreciation - Door Decorating

This chairperson is oversees the decoration of the classroom doors that kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week.

Reports to President.

Welcome Back Picnic

This chairperson is responsible for organizing the picnic at the start of the school year.

Reports to President.

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