Drop-Off and Pick-Up Traffic Patterns
Posted 09/05/2017 11:11PM

Student safety is always our number one priority, so please consider these guidelines regarding traffic flow around campus so that we can ensure a safe environment for all students, and also reduce congestion and lengthy delays for drivers. If you are not the person that will be dropping your child off, please this information with the appropriate person.

Please drive slowly around the campus during drop off and dismissal times. If possible, have your children walk or carpool to reduce congestion. Parents that are dropping off need to pull ahead along the green painted curb all the way up to the auditorium/gym entrance by the elementary school before letting your student(s) out of the car. Cars that pull up just to the JMS main doors and let students out cause additional back ups to occur, and cause much of the drop off zone to go unused. Finally, you will experience less congestion if you drop off before 7:40 a.m. or pick up at 3:10 p,m.

Please see the link below for suggested drop off routes for those parents that choose to drive their children. Please keep in mind that you cannot turn onto Moffett from Bower Hill during drop off and pick up times. You will need to access the complex from Old Hickory to Pin Oak, or from Ruth Street to Pin Oak.

Suggested AM Drop Off Routes

  • If you need to turn right onto Bower Hill after drop off, it is recommended that you utilize the yellow route. Right turns are not recommended from Moffett because there is a crossing guard at that intersection and only 1-3 right turning cars can get through because of students crossing.
  • If you need to turn left onto Bower Hill after drop off, it is recommended that you utilize the blue route. The left turn is not affected by the crossing students.
  • If you do not need to access Bower Hill after drop off, it is recommend that you utilize the red route through the JMS parking lot, which allows you to exit the back of the campus to Pin Oak.

Following these guidelines will help to create the safest environment and best flow of traffic possible. Thank you for your attention to this. The staff at JMS is looking forward to many smiling faces for the first day of school tomorrow.

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