Pack Up Those Pop Tabs - Pop Tab Wars Will Be Early this Year
Posted 10/05/2017 04:35PM

Due to several factors, the annual Pop Tab Wars event, which traditionally happens the week after the NFL Super Bowl, is now on the calendar for October 16 - 20 this year!

This is a homeroom competition that involves collecting pop tabs and quarters. Each homeroom will have a 5-gallon water jug for collecting. Pop tabs may be obtained off any type of can that uses a tab for opening (soda, soup, canned fruits/vegetables, pet food, etc.). During the week, each homeroom collects as many pop tabs as possible in their jug (each tab is worth two points toward the homeroom's overall total). Each homeroom is competing against the other homerooms on their team, so there is sabotaging involved. To sabotage their competitors, students place quarters in the jugs of opposing homerooms. Each quarter will subtract five points from that homeroom's total. At the end of the week, the homeroom with the most points on each team will win their choice of a pizza party or breakfast party.

This is a charitable event. The pop tabs will be donated to our local Ronald McDonald House, and the quarters will be donated, along with necessary school items, to a school in need of hurricane relief.

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