Lincoln Buddy Bench
Posted 10/22/2017 01:06PM

Early this October, the students and staff officially opened the Lincoln Buddy Bench. This wonderful addition to the Lincoln playground is one that will benefit students for years to come. A Buddy Bench is a place that children can go when they need someone to play with, someone to talk to or just a place they can meet a new friend. It is a safe place that helps students feel like they belong. The Buddy Bench can support and encourage children to be more inclusive towards others at school. Last year, Mr. Kitsko and some parents talked about adding a Buddy Bench on the Lincoln playground. They worked together to design the Buddy Bench and decided on a location to install it. The following groups made monetary donations to cover the entire cost of the Buddy Bench:

  • Daisy Troop #16443
  • Brownie Troop #16303
  • Brownie Troop #52171
  • Girl Scout Troop #57086
  • The Lincoln PTA

We thank all of the Troop members and the Lincoln PTA for choosing to donate hundreds of dollars in support of the Lincoln Buddy Bench. Their donations made this project possible.

Our school counselor, Ms. McClain, has spent time teaching the students about the Buddy Bench. She is helping the students at Lincoln understand how to help when they see someone using the Buddy Bench. We have also talked with the students about the following guidelines to use with the Lincoln Buddy Bench. Please take time to talk with your student(s) about the Lincoln Buddy Bench and how they can be a "friend" to someone in need or how they can find a "friend" when they might need someone to play with or just talk to.

Lincoln Buddy Bench Guidelines

When you sit on the Buddy Bench

  • Only sit there if you can't find something to do or someone to play with.
  • If you see something you want to do, go join in.
  • If you see a friend you want to talk to, go talk with them.
  • When a student approaches you, figure out something to do together.
  • Don't forget, a friend is just a seat away...2 students on the bench can play together.
  • Keep playing with your new friend.

When you see someone sitting on the Buddy Bench

  • Start by saying "hello". If you don't know the student, introduce yourself.
  • Make conversation.
  • Ask them to play with you or suggest an activity you can do together.
  • Keep playing with your new friend.
  • Don't make it the last time you hang out together.

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