GAB SQUAD at Lincoln Lincoln
Posted 09/17/2018 06:27PM

On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 11th, Lincoln hosted Gab Bonesso's GAB SQUAD program. "Equal-parts classroom-style discussion, interactive late-night talk show, pop concert, dance party, and stand-up comedy special, Gab Bonesso's GAB SQUAD is an experience unlike any other! Based in Pittsburgh, performer Gab Bonesso has spent the last six years traveling the U.S. with a series of unique and interactive musical comedy programs for children, teens, and families. Her work has been featured in over 800 school, community, church, camp, library, and festival locations across fifteen U.S. States, and has directly engaged an estimated 400,000 youth, educator, and adult participants in the process.

The GAB SQUAD program utilizes original music, interactive comedy, and educational discussion to explore themes of tolerance, positive expression, bullying awareness, and above all, the use of creativity as an alternative to negative expression." We want to thank the Lincoln PTA for sponsoring and funding this worthwhile program for our students. Check out the highlights below.

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