6th Annual Lincoln PTA Read-A-Thon Ends as a Slimy Success
Posted 10/28/2018 11:02PM

Our students read valiantly and with an effort that we all can be proud of, and in the end, they smashed the challenge placed before them! Our students were asked to read at least 170,000 minutes during this year's Read-A-Thon. When all of the Read-A-Thon minutes were totaled up, our students read 208,996 minutes! Their reward for beating the Read-A-Thon goal – the students watched Mr. Kitsko get slimed! So far, this year's Read-A-Thon has raised just under $11,000 for the Lincoln PTA! Many students and classes were recognized during a celebration assembly that was held the afternoon of Friday, October 26, 2018. Check out the list of awards earned by the students and some of the highlights from our Read-A-Thon assembly. Thanks to everyone for their efforts during the 2018 Lincoln PTA Read-A-Thon! A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Samantha Smith, PTA Read-A-Thon committee chair for all of her hard work. Without her and the committee's efforts, this year's Read-A-Thon would not have been such a huge success!

Individual Student Prize Winners

Top reader overall (per grade level) earned a Barnes and Noble Gift Card:

  • K – Theron Raymond
  • 1 – Allison Reagan
  • 2 – Noah Streets
  • 3 – Lucia Long
  • 4 – James Halter
  • 5 – Carmela Guillan

Amazon Fire HD10 tablet – One winner was drawn from the top grade level readers:

  • Winner – Allison Reagan

Top Reader in the School – Student received a $25 Scholastic Book Fair certificate from Mrs. Staub:

  • Winner – James Halter

Grade Level Prizes

  • Kindergarten – PJ and Movie Day – Mrs. Wey
  • Grade 1 – Camp In day – Mrs. Zapko
  • Grade 2 – Pirate Adventure Day – Ms. Stefurak
  • Grade 3 – PJ and Movie Day – Ms. Kennedy
  • Grade 4 – Top class plays kickball game against to Grade 5 class – Mrs. Takoch
  • Grade 5 – Top class plays kickball game against to Grade 4 class – Ms. McElhinny

Top Reading Classroom:

  • Winner – Mrs. Takoch
  • Pizza lunch with Mr. Kitsko
  • Teacher received $50 Scholastic Book Fair certificate from Mrs. Staub
  • Every student earned one (1) paperback ($9.99 or less) at the upcoming Scholastic Book Fair from Mrs. Staub

Money from PTA for teacher to spend on classroom – Drawing which included the top reading classrooms in each grade level:

  • Winner – Ms. McElhinny

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