Longtime MTLSD Director of Business to Retire
Posted 11/29/2018 02:55PM

At the end of December 2018, Janice R. Klein will retire from the Mt. Lebanon School District after a stellar 37 year career as Director of Business. She is acknowledged by her colleagues in the school district and across the state as the gold standard for school finance directors. Over her career, Ms. Klein has worked with seven superintendents (Allen Blacka, Richard Pitcock, Glenn Smartschan, Marge Sable, George Wilson, John Allison and Timothy Steinhauer) and 62 school board members. Through the years she has also cultivated a strong working relationship with staff at the Mt. Lebanon Municipality.

In her role as Director of Business, Ms. Klein is responsible for providing all business services for the $99 million school system. During her tenure, Ms. Klein oversaw the financing of the renovation of the two middle schools in the late 1990's, the seven elementary schools from 2000-2005, and most recently, the $110 million renovation and new construction of Mt. Lebanon High School.

Ms. Klein is known for her ability to explain complex financial issues for all to easily understand ranging from the nuances of budget discussions, to the complexities of the State Plan Con process and bond refinancing. She leaves the District in excellent financial health with the highest Moody's rating of any school district in Western Pennsylvania.

Ms. Klein also chairs the Allegheny County Schools Health Insurance Consortium (ACHSHIC), a $250 million self-insured healthcare trust led by 24 trustees which are half labor and half management. The Consortium is comprised of sixty one public schools and community colleges providing health benefits to about 20,000 employees covering almost 55,000 lives. Ms. Klein has been a trustee and chairperson for the ACHSHIC since 1997.

Ms. Klein is a member of the Board for the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, was past president of PASBO and WCPASBO and served on the board of ASBO.

Ms. Klein has garnered many awards over the years such as the ASBO Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting, the GFOA Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting, the GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award, the ASBO Meritorious Budget Award and various PSBA, NSPRA , PennSPRA and PASBO Awards.

Ms. Klein will leave the District on December 31 after transitioning Mr. Rob Geletko as the incoming Business Director.

On behalf of everyone in the Mt. Lebanon School District, we wish Ms. Klein all the best, and much happiness, in her retirement.

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