Eighth Grade Promising Young Writer Finalists
Posted 01/16/2019 03:16PM

On December 5, 78 eighth graders began the writing for the NCTE Promising Young Writers Program in response to the theme they were given. Of those, 62 students put forth the necessary effort and time, completed the writing sample, and turned in a copy for evaluation. We are especially proud of them for their motivation and effort in seeing this opportunity to completion.

This year's prompt was both challenging and open-ended. Of our 62 participants, 11 deserve recognition for their excellent work. The following students deserve an honorable mention for their performance: Olivia Buckiso, Isabella Casagranda, Grayson Dee, Lilly Girod, Carly Grant, Karina McCullough-Brown, Janet Montgomery, Grace Nellas, Amy Tan, Anvi Tatkar, and Sophia Williams.

Of the 62 participants, three finalists from JMS have been chosen. Their papers, along with a sample of their best writing, will be sent for evaluation in the state competition. This year's finalists should be very proud of themselves. With a challenging prompt, they composed insightful, original pieces that showed authentic voice. This year's JMS Promising Young Writers finalists are Graceann Foster, Vivian Roy, and Reese Sullivan!

Congratulations, Graceann, Vivian, and Reese!

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