Seventh Grade Charity Essay Finalists
Posted 03/31/2019 09:55AM

Prior to the student-faculty basketball game each year, seventh grade English classes, lead by Ms. Carris and Mrs. Caldwell, practice their persuasion techniques during an argumentative writing unit. Each student works to crafts an essay to convince the students and faculty of JMS as to where the proceeds from the student-faculty basketball game should be donated.

Congratulations to this year's finalists in our persuasive essay contest: Julia Descalzi wrote for the Pittsburgh Melanoma Foundation, Keerthi Girish wrote for Paws for Purple Hearts, Aidan Hall wrote for Doctors Without Borders, Dylan Rosa wrote for Oceana, Emily Thomas wrote for Jeremiah's Place, and Joe Tipton wrote for World Vision.

Thanks to the staff members and students who took the time to read the essays and cast their vote. We totaled 452 votes, and the money from the student-faculty basketball game will go to Jeremiah's Place. Congratulations, Emily Thomas!

According to Emily's paper, "Jeremiah's Place works to provide childcare for local families experiencing violence in their household or childcare settings...[and] it also delivers care to families struggling to find safe and urgent childcare."

Emily went on to argue that Jeremiah's place "located right here in Pittsburgh...delivers care to girls and boys ages six and younger, whatever the issue may be. If children are in danger or parents are struggling for any reason, Jeremiah's Place comes to the rescue with around-the-clock care and supportive solutions for families in need."

To read more about Jeremiah's Place, please click here.

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