MUN Wins Best Team at Ohio State Tournament
Posted 04/12/2019 09:36PM

Mt. Lebanon won the Best Team award at Ohio State for the second consecutive year. In addition, fourteen of our twenty students won individual awards in their committee, competing against schools from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Illinois.

It caps off a remarkable year for the Model UN Team, which also won top honors at Penn State, Pitt, CMU and Delaware in addition to Ohio State. The "Best Delegation" awards at CMU, Delaware and Ohio State were all within the past 6 weeks.

Students who claimed individual honors in their committee were...

Freshmen: Ben Ash, Raafay Khan, Anna Mears

Sophomores: Ellie Hester, Nora Kulzer, Jack Silverman, Jack Horrigan, Melanie Hendrick, Ethan Glass.

Juniors: Antonio Carapella, Daniel McNulty, Andrew Gamba, Liv Blair

Senior: Ian McNabb

Coaches Adam Lumish and George Savarese are fiercely proud of their students' exceptional performance, talent and work ethic.

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