Academic Games Teams Stand Out at National Tournament
Posted 05/02/2019 02:57PM

Congratulations to our Academic Games teams who competed in the National Tournament last weekend in Florida. Combined, our 30 students took home 21 individual and team awards. This was the largest national tournament ever, with over 1,400 students competing from states from Michigan to Colorado to Florida.

The teams practiced very hard throughout the year so kudos to all of the students and coaches.

In Elementary Division, Sarah Davies and Annie Pugh took 30 students throughout the year to local tournaments, 17 of whom qualified for the national tournament. In Middle Division, Jen Marnik and Brad Kavo 21 students, 17 of whom qualified for nationals. Finally, Ben Minett and Ben Kavo had 13 high school students, 10 of whom qualified for nationals.

In addition, Hailey Latona was part of the 1st place national championship team for THEME. This year's theme was Women Who Changed the World.

Congratulations to the following students:

Elementary Division (4th-6th grade)

Lucian Mikush - 1st Place with a perfect score in Linguishtik, 3rd Place in Presidents

Atlantic Rajakumar - 4th Place in Propaganda

Together, Lucian, Atlantic, and Pierce Latona were part of the 9th Place team (out of 44) for Presidents

Additional team members were Ben Dougherty, Mae Cano, Madeline and Rachel Capriotti, Anton Skorskiy, Sally Tan, and Jessie Yang.

Middle Division (7th and 8th grade)

Adam Ash - 7th Place in Presidents

James Brown - member of the 3rd Place team for Current Events

Cooper Zentner and Adam Ash were part of the 8th Place Propaganda Team

Amy Tan and Eli Seaman were part of the 4th Place Propaganda Team (out of 45)

Additional team members were Yash Botre, Keerthi Girish, Logan Kuhlman, Aunomitra Mandal, Andrew Reis, Anvi Tatkar, and Vishnu Venugopal.

High School

Hailey Latona - 2nd Place in Propaganda

Kate Kessler - 9th Place in Propaganda, part of the 2nd Place team in Propaganda (out of 33)

Josh Dougherty - 10th Place in Theme and part of the 2nd Place team in Theme

Leah Vuillemot - part of the 3rd Place team in Propaganda

Shane Bonner and Hailey Latona were both part of the 4th Place team in Propaganda

Additional team members were Erin Duffy, Kelly Gorman, and Morgan Steiner.

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