Tim Herzog Goes the Extra Mile at Markham
Posted 02/22/2017 11:24AM
Tim Herzog

At the February 13 School Board Meeting, Markham Head Custodian Tim Herzog was awarded the Board's Extra Mile Award. Nominated by Markham Principal Rob Freil, Mr. Herzog was praised as "the most selfless person who is committed to our District and to Markham." Dr. Freil went on to say, "Tim has been the head custodian at Markham since 2007, and his knowledge, skill and excellent commitment to maintaining the grounds in and out of Markham are beyond compare. He works hard every day, willingly covering extra shifts, building up the other custodian's skills and expectations, and providing exemplary service to the staff, students and parents of the school. He comes by the school facility on weekends just to make sure everything is okay, often working extra around the grounds to be sure it looks nice, is operating correctly, and to take care of any potential surprises which might set us back on a Monday morning. He goes out of his way for our teachers to accommodate their physical space needs - getting them furniture, removing items whenever necessary, assisting them in loading and unloading vehicles, etc. He is invaluable to our parents, always approachable and willing to do just about anything they need for evening and weekend events.

My office staff trusts him with every task, and his relationship with our secretaries, nurses and clerical aides shows how respectful he is, and how willing he is to help make the school run so well.

For me, I have been so grateful to have had Tim Herzog here the entire time I've been the principal of Markham. I can't imagine how the building would survive without him. He truly goes above and beyond, and is deserving of the extra mile award."

The Extra Mile Award was started by the School Board to shine a light on District employees who go above and beyond in their jobs to support our students, staff and community. If you are interested in nominating an employee, send your comments to School Board President Mary Birks at mbirks@mtlsd.net.

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