Mentor Teachers

Mentor teachers at Mt. Lebanon High School serve to guide the international students. With varied backgrounds and experiences in the high school disciplines, they help keep the students on track for a successful school year. Although the mentor teachers work with the program director concerning the whole group in a variety of services, mentors are also responsible for the students starting with registration and scheduling through discussing and alleviating any issues that arise from academic, attendance, or social perspectives.

Carlie McGinty

Mrs. Carlie McGinty, Program Director

Mrs. McGinty has worked in public education for the past nine years, five of those with the Mt. Lebanon School District. She currently serves in the high school administration as Dean of Students. Prior to that she worked for ten years as a private tutor specializing in SAT preparation. Before her work in education, Mrs. McGinty worked for Calgon Carbon Corporation for nine years in various capacities including Director of Strategic Planning before leaving to raise her family.

She enjoys working with the International Student Program because of the opportunity for cultural exchange and understanding that she encourages between the international students and the resident students of the Mt. Lebanon School District.

Connie Booth

Mrs Connie Booth, Mentor Teacher

Mrs. Booth has been an educator for twenty-seven years. For the past seventeen years she has served as an English teacher at the high school as well as a liaison between the faculty and the administration regarding issues such as safety and new building construction.

She has enjoyed getting to know the international students and helping them to navigate our large American high school. She has found it to be an interesting and gratifying experience creating the International Student Program from its inception, anticipating the students' needs, and representing our school, community, and country.

Pam Burrett

Mrs. Pam Burrett, Mentor Teacher

Mrs. Burrett has been in the teaching profession for twenty-eight years. She worked in the Mt. Lebanon School District for the twenty-two years as an ESL teacher before retiring from that role two years ago. Despite her retirement from the classroom, she has continued her work with students whose first language is not English by being a part of the International Student Program here at the high school. Mrs. Burrett is also a member of many local environmental boards, another of her passions.

She enjoys working with young people and has a special connection with international students and really enjoys seeing them develop their own ideas and opinions.

Mark Kernion

Mr. Mark Kernion, Mentor Teacher

Mr. Kernion has been an educator for the last thirty-three years, all but one as a chemistry teacher at Mt. Lebanon High School. Throughout his career at the high school, he has been a part of many other programs, most of which involve helping students realize their leadership potential. Prior to teaching, he worked for four years as a research engineer at Harbison Walker Refractories Company.

He enjoys working with the international students and would like to make the experiences they have worthwhile and meaningful. He is impressed with their willingness to learn beyond their native borders at such young ages and would like to help them be successful in doing so.

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