Mt. Lebanon Council PTA

The Mt. Lebanon Council PTA is comprised of members from the ten local unit PTAs in the school district. Council PTA is a member of the State PTA and the National PTA.

Council PTA provides support for all Mt. Lebanon School District PTAs, including training for local unit PTA officers. Additionally, Council PTA provides programs for the district including a district-wide parent education program, and a scholarship program for high school seniors. Please check each school's web page for more information about their PTA unit.

Parent Ed

Cyber Safety Forum

Monday May 1, 2017 7:00 PM at JMS Auditorium

Supplemental Material:


Internet Safety

Smartphone Safety

Talking to Teens

Parent Tip Sheet

You Sent a Sext, Now what

Parent child Contract

School board Candidate QUESTIONNAIRE

The Mt. Lebanon PTA Council, in accordance with IRS laws and the policies of National and Pennsylvania PTA, issued a candidate’s questionnaire to all candidates running for School Director of Mt. Lebanon School District. The candidate’s responses are below:

Mary Birks

Elaine Capucci

Katie Caste

Justin DePlato

Aviva Diamond, Mike Riemer, Stephen Strotmeyer (note: these candidates answered in a slate format) **Slate answers plus additional responses from Aviva Diamond

Dan Remely

The PA PTA Nonpartisan Policy can be found by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of Mt. Lebanon Council PTA? How is it different from my school's PTA?
The role of a Council PTA is to bring together the individual Mt. Lebanon school district PTAs. Council PTA offers support and leadership to the individual units. Council is the umbrella organization over the other 10 independent PTAs in Mt. Lebanon. We bring one voice to all the PTAs in Mt. Lebanon.

At my school, the PTA president works with the building principal. Who does the Council PTA president work with?
The Council PTA president works with the district superintendent. In addition, Council PTA works with the MLEA, school board, and other school administrators. Each month the Council PTA president, superintendent, and MLEA representative meet to discuss items of interest to each group.

How were the Council PTA standing committees selected?
From the inception of the Mt. Lebanon Council PTA, Council PTA has chosen to have committees that represent and include all students and families. Some of our committees encompass a broad range of topics and issues affecting the student population at large like Arts in Education (Reflections), Cultural Arts, Environmental Concerns, and Juvenile Protection. Other committees are for parental purposes such as Human Relations, Newsletters, Parent/School Education, and Technology/Website. And a few are for internal purposes such as By-Laws and Membership.

Who can attend Council PTA meetings?
Council PTA meetings are open to all PTA members. Meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month in September, November, January, February, and March at 9:00 a,m. and are at different Mt. Lebanon schools on a rotating basis. The May meeting is the third Wednesday of the month and is always held at the HS for the presentation of the Georgia Pogue Scholarships.

We encourage you to attend. It is an excellent opportunity to hear information first hand from the superintendent and other community organizations.

If you have any questions for the PTA, please feel free to contact us.

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