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Aviary Visit Inspires Student to Give Back
Posted 05/18/2017 03:11PM

It only took one visit to the National Aviary on the Northside to inspire Washington Elementary student Jack Hartman. "All of the beautiful colors of the birds really spoke to me and inspired me to donate. I thought that if I donated to the Aviary it would be my impact on the world, so I choose to symbolically adopt a Scarlet Macaw and buy a penguin plaque at Penguin Point," said Jack. Starting last October, Jack was on a mission. He made a donation cup for the front desk at Washington School to start the collection. Between the school donations, his birthday and Christmas money, and a final contribution from his grandfather, Jack was able to present a check for $1000 to the Aviary. On his arrival, he was met by Ted Bartlett, Manager of Development, who had a scarlet macaw waiting for him. Jack said, "I was so excited and I got to meet the bird that I symbolically adopted, his name was Red!"

On Tuesday April 25th they unveiled the plaque at Penguin Point with Jack's name and "...the students of Mt. Lebo Washington Elementary." Jack was met at the ceremony by two penguins, Happy and Goldie, who very much appreciated all that Jack had done for their home.

Jack continues to raise money for the Aviary with plans to hold a raffle and a kickball tournament this summer. His goal is to raise another $600 to adopt an African Penguin, with the rest going to the bird rescue program. According to Jack, "That is why and what I did for the Aviary and what I will do in the future." Well done, Jack. A young philanthropist is born.

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