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Students Collect School Supplies to Donate to Education Partnership
Posted 08/02/2017 09:35PM

For the fifth year in a row, students of Dr. Mike Gullo organized and led a school supply drive and collected gently used school supplies during locker clean-out days. This year, the students wanted to make a larger impact, so they met with Mrs. Janice Cherry at Jefferson Middle School, to see if JMS would contribute items from their locker clean-out days, which they did enthusiastically. As a result, the High School collected more than 120 pounds of gently used school supplies from this year's locker clean-out days and along with those items collected from Jefferson Middle School. High School librarian Mrs. Christy Smith connected the students with the Education Partnership which takes gently used school supplies and makes them available in an open warehouse where teachers and students from the Pittsburgh area can visit and 'shop' for free to donated the supplies.

Thanks to the student leaders from the high school: Ryan Roseweir, Ava King, Laura Boswell, Allison Jones, Lucy Klug, and Megan Dietrick and the student leaders from Jefferson Middle School: Caroline Kenney, Kelsey Cadahia Frankel, and Madeline Gyurina who took the time at the end of last school year to make a difference for other students as they start the new school year.

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