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Lebo Civics in Action
Posted 11/02/2018 02:25PM

Mt. Lebanon High School students have been actively involved in civic engagement by taking part in events organized through their AP US Government classes and Law and Society Club.

Social Studies teacher Mr. Peter DiNardo and Law and Society officer Katherine Wilkison organized the chance for over 100 students to hear from and ask questions of candidates for the 17th Congressional District, Conor Lamb (October 9) and Keith Rothfus (October 18). Both candidates left impressed with the depth of knowledge and sophistication of questions asked by Mt. Lebanon students.

AP US Government classes attended the "National Conference on the First Amendment: Bedrock of Freedom" hosted at Duquesne University and primarily sponsored by the Pittsburgh Foundation. Lebo students as well as teachers Pete DiNardo, Thad Merriman and

Michelle Ritchey were among 60 high school and college students as well as 300 adults in attendance. Leading authorities on the First Amendment who spoke included president of the National Constitution Center Jeffrey Rosen, attorney Floyd Abrams, author Juan Williams and Nadine Strossen.

Lebo students in attendance were fortunate to hear from former Governor and Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge as well as Director of the CIA, General Michael Hayden; editors of three national newspapers, international journalists who risked their lives to report from abroad, Harvard lawyer and scholar Alan Dershowitz, Judge Thomas Hardiman, US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, and meet in small group settings with Mary Beth Tinker, famous for her precedent case before the Supreme Court in 1969, Rob Rosenthal, involved in the publication of the Pentagon Papers, and Steve Solomon, professor at NYU and scholar on the First Amendment. The following students took advantage of the opportunity to learn from history makers and cutting edge thinkers: Mia Agostinelli, Emily Bothwell, Antonio Carapella, Emma Fish, Kelsie Gorman, Max Guthrie, Jackson Potter, Mia Schembri, Dawson Smith, Joe Talarico and Courtney Walsh.

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