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Proposed MTLSD Strategic Plan 2020-2023
Posted 11/14/2018 04:56PM

The Mt. Lebanon School District initiated a Stakeholder-Driven Strategic Planning Process during the 2017-2018 school year. This process continued into this school year and was approved by the School Board in November of 2018. This resulting strategic plan has an end date of 2025. We are required to post the 2020-2023 Proposed Mt. Lebanon School District Strategic Plan for the Pennsylvania Department of Education for public review. Please direct any questions to Dr. Ron Davis at rdavis@mtlsd.net and Dr. Marybeth Irvin at mirvin@mtlsd.net.

Strategic Planning is the process for creating a long-range mission, vision, goals, and strategies for our organization. The purpose and primary value of strategic planning is its power to involve a school's community in a process leading to new understandings and insights about what a school district might confront in the future and how it should react to those possibilities.

The steps of the Mt. Lebanon School District Stakeholder-Driven Strategic Planning process were designed as a complete planning process. The plan includes reaffirmation of the mission, vision, and core values of our District. It also identifies the major challenges our District will need to address between 2019-2024, what priorities Mt. Lebanon community members identified as the most important skills and abilities students need to learn, as well as fiscal priorities. Also, our strategic plan includes a strategy map that defines what strategies the District will use to achieve the mission, vision, goals, and student learning targets; a system to track progress; a systems map illustrating how all the functions of the District and the strategic plan fit together; and finally, a deployment plan that specifies how the plan moves to action.

As in the past, the District will provide annual updates on progress towards goals to the School Board and community.

2020-2023 Proposed Mt. Lebanon School District Strategic Plan

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