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Message From the MTLSD Health Services Department
Posted 05/03/2019 11:49AM

Please see the information below provided by the Mt. Lebanon Health Services Department regarding the recent measles report in the Pittsburgh area.

Given the news of the confirmed measles outbreak in the Pittsburgh area, we wanted to share some relevant information from our Health Services Department.

Mt. Lebanon School District follows the Pennsylvania Department of Health Immunization guidelines. Those guidelines state that students must meet the vaccine requirements as set forth by the state, which also includes an exemption status. The Pennsylvania Department of Health recognizes three types of vaccine exemptions: medical (signed by a MD,DO,CRNP or PA); religious (signed by a parent/guardian); or philosophical (signed by a parent/guardian). Exempted students may be excluded from school during an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease within their class as determined by the local Allegheny County Health Department.


Mt. Lebanon nurses carefully monitor medical records and work with all parents within the District to help them understand the importance of vaccination. However, we also must recognize the rights of parents to institute their exemption rights if requested. Fortunately, the vast majority of our students are vaccinated.

The links below will provide additional information from the Center for Disease Control regarding measles.



As always, our Health Services Department is available to answer any questions you may have.


Deanna Hess MSEd, BSN, RN,CSN

Chairman, Health Services

Mt. Lebanon School District



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