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High School Construction Update
Posted 01/11/2017 12:06PM

The High School construction project is now in its final phase, with most of the work taking place along Horsman Drive at the back of the building. The North Parking Lot is moving towards completion with the installation of most of the concrete pavers while signage, striping and landscape work is still to be done. The concrete contractor is working to complete the area from the tennis courts to the North Parking Lot. Along Horsman Drive, the excavating contractor is working on grading and drainage. Work on the tennis courts will resume once the asphalt plants re-open at the end of March. In order to finish the courts, a topcoat will be applied when the temperature rises above 70 degrees. It was necessary to wait for the ground where the tennis courts will be built to settle for ninety days after the area was excavated. Once the tennis courts are completed, the concrete pavers and sidewalks will be installed along Horsman Drive. Over the winter, the construction equipment and trailers in the laydown area in the South Parking Lot will be dismantled and removed. Landscaping will be finished this spring with the additional planting of over 80 trees on the campus. This has been a long and complex project. We appreciate the patience of students, staff, parents and community members as this final phase nears completion.

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