Study Lab

Why not catch the power of better study habits and better grades?

Study Lab is an after-school opportunity for your child to get organized and develop a plan. It offers a quiet place – free of distractions – for accomplishing tasks at the end of the school day. All JMS students are invited to attend! Study Lab will be offered each Tuesday and Thursday from 3:10-4:10 p.m. in Writing Lab 104 for the remainder of the year.

A JMS teacher will walk each Study Lab student through their assignments course-by-course, via Dashboard, to procure the items that have been completed, obtain the items that require completion and develop a plan for how the completion will occur. If the Study Lab student displays confidence and accuracy in their work, they are given the time and space to complete it on their own; if they demonstrate a need, the teacher will introduce them to an available high school student assistant, or if a one is unavailable, the teacher will provide guidance.

Study Lab will also provide students another opportunity to connect with their on-and off-team teachers to obtain materials, submit assignments, and seek additional guidance.

Overall, Study Lab will assist your child with individual academic needs in a fun, focused, and structured environment.

Attendance Policy

If a student cannot attend Study Lab they are expected to make the teacher (Study Lab coordinator) aware with a note from a parent or through spoken communication. Parents may also contact the teacher via email if a student cannot attend or if they have any general questions about their child.

Please email Mr. Gray for more information.

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