Administration, Faculty, and Staff

Staff members can be contacted through e-mail or voice mail.

Administration, Guidance, and Office Staff

Administration, Guidance, and Office Staff Title Phone
Dr. Sarah Shaw Principal 412-344-2120
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Mr. Jeff Zeiders Assistant Principal 412-344-1087
Mrs. Kate Swatko Main Office Secretary 412-344-2120
Mrs. Jill Harris Attendance Secretary 412-344-1087
Mr. Pete Berg Guidance Counselor 412-344-2025
Mrs. Allison Levison Guidance Counselor 412-344-2125
Mrs. Joelle Klaber Guidance Office Secretary 412-344-2124

Grade Six

Teacher Department Team
Mr. Bryan Althaus
Math Twisters
Mr. Tyler Bluemling
World & Its People Twisters
Mrs. Kristin Hertzog
Literature Twisters
Mrs. Debra Mercier
Science & Team Leader

Ms. Jamie Siegel
English Twisters
Mr. Vince Barone
Math Wildfire
Ms. Ashlee Beckett
World & Its People
& Team Leader

Mrs. Cindy Martz
Science Wildfire
Mrs. Molly Wetmore
English Wildfire
Mrs. Kathy Cort
Literature Wildfire

Grade Seven

Thunderbolt's Blog

Teacher Department Team
Ms. Sue Carris
English Stars
Mrs. Sabrina Keeley Math Stars
Mr. Tom Mellett Science Stars
Ms. Shelly Picard World History & Team Leader

Mr. John Young Literature Stars
Mrs. Krissy Schuler

English Thunderbolts
Mrs. Georgia Miller Literature & Team Leader

Mr. Ed Petsko Science Thunderbolts
Mrs. Kelly Sofran Math Thunderbolts
Natalie Torti World History Thunderbolts

Grade Eight

Teacher Department Team
Mr. Mike Hladio English Emeralds
Mrs. Beth Luptak
Math & Team Leader

Mr. Nick Phillips Science Emeralds
Mr. Drew Smith U.S. History Emeralds
Mr. Andrew Cappucci U.S. HistorySapphires
Mrs. Kaitlin Hogel Math Sapphires
Mr. John Martinelli Science

Ms. Stephanie Ross English Sapphires

Special Education

Teacher Department
Mrs. Bernadette Choura ESL
Mrs. Kathryn Duchin Gifted Coordinator
Mrs. Kerry Dunay Eighth Grade
Ms. Stephanie Ganick Sixth Grade
Mr. T.J. Gray Emotional Support
Mrs. Suzanne Morse Speech
Mr. Tom Stilley Sixth/Seventh Grade
Mrs. Courtney Trumpowersixth grade

Fine Arts

Teacher Department
Mr. Greg Frommeyer Art
Mr. Jim Lash Chorus
Ms. Hajung Lim Orchestra
Mrs. Karen Melvin Art
Mrs. Krista Wagner Band

Foreign Languages

Teacher Department
Mrs. Allison Avila Spanish
Ms. Stephanie De La Paz Spanish
Mrs. Marie Malloy French
Mr. Luke Miller German
Mr. Mark Straub (Google Site) Spanish

Physical Education and Health

Teacher Department
Mrs. Melissa Allan
Physical Education
Ms. Erin Harkins Physical Education
Mrs. Christine Stilley Health
Mr. Joe Urmann Physical Education

Unified Arts

Teacher Department
Mr. Roland Campion Tech. Ed.
Mrs. Gwen Kassep Business Information Technology
Mrs. Chrissa Sullivan Family & Consumer Science

Support Staff

Teacher Department
Mrs. Susan Anstandig Librarian
Mrs. Janice Cherry STRIVE
Mrs. Melissa Kelly Writing Clinician
Mrs. Roilyn Worst-McGregor Reading Specialist
Mrs. Lauren Suess School Nurse

Aides, Custodial, and Cafeteria Staff

Teacher Department
Mrs. Laura Cook Student Aide
Mrs. Maura Donnis Student Aide
Mrs. Deb Greenwald Student Aide
Mrs. Katie Riemer Student Aide
Tina Stasiowski Student Aide
Mr. Chris Swartzwelder Head Custodian
Joe Mirt Custodial Staff
Bob Rigot Custodial Staff
Ryan Springer Custodial Staff
Jeanne Cauchie Cafeteria - Head Cook
Erin MayCafeteria - Server
Anna Tchakarian Cafeteria - Salads and Cashier
Regina Theobald Cafeteria -Server
Marie Wahl Cafeteria - Ala carte

Mt. Lebanon School District

7 Horsman Drive

Pittsburgh PA 15228

Fax: 412-344-2047


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